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MariePaul Simard (@mariepaulsimard) is a fashionista from Montreal. She is a mom of four and she loves her family more than anything. This stylish mommy is slaying life and always looks beautiful. In addition to her wonderful family, MariePaul has an Instagram account with almost 49 thousand followers and a YouTube Channel with over 4,000 followers. We love her content, so check her out now!

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MariePaul is a style queen. Judging by her Instagram page, MariePaul seems to love to keep it classic when it comes to style. She rocks lots of black and white for a clean, elegant, and timeless style. She incorporates bolder and edgier touches into her outfits, such as a bit of animal print, leather, and plaid. One of the things we love most about her outfits is that her daughters seem to dress just like her. MariePaul always seems to keep it feminine and looks like a model in everything she wears. Another thing we love about her style is that she rocks maternity clothes like a pro and still looks like she walked right off a magazine cover when she’s pregnant. We admire how she doesn’t try to hide her pregnancies at all; instead, she embraces her body by wearing form-fitting clothes and showing off her baby bump. She’s not even afraid to post in lingerie or nude when she’s pregnant because she’s so comfortable and confident in her own skin. With that said, MariePaul is a beautiful woman. Her face is always flawless and her makeup is always on point. Her deep brown eyes and full lips always pop in all her photos whether she is wearing eye makeup and a bold lip or is going for a natural face look. Also, her bright blonde locks always seem to sparkle. She’s rocked various blonde shades ranging from a warmer gold to a trendier grayish-white blonde and it always adds a glamourous touch to her sleek outfits whether it’s straight, wavy, up in a ponytail, or under a hat.


Family is very important to MariePaul. She loves her man (a hockey player) and her kids more than anything else in the world. Most of her Instagram posts feature her man and/or her kids, making it clear that her family is her top priority and she values them so much that she wants to show them off to the world. Unlike many popular celebs and influencers, MariePaul doesn’t just post pictures of her family when they’re on glamourous vacations and expensive getaways. She has plenty of relatable family posts such as taking her kids to Target, bathing her little girl, and even allowing her daughter to try a facemask. It’s all so real and adorable!

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MariePaul is a loving, happy, and sweet mommy and fashionista with a passion for her family. She has a killer style and is breathtakingly beautiful. Give her a watch and a follow for some great #OOTD and lifestyle inspiration.

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