Marie-William Bourgeois

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Marie-William Bourgeois (@mariewilliambourgeois) is a Canadian content creator who is worthy of obsessing over. Her Instagram following continues to grow with as many as 13.3k followers. Her devoted fans love to keep up with her travels, her impeccable sense fashion, and her exciting day-to-day life. Although she isn’t as prominent than other influencers, her infectious smile certainly keeps us (and her 13.3k followers) coming back for more. The adorable Ms. Bourgeois continues to WOW us with her inspirational captions and love of life.

The Best Of Canada

Though she loves to showcase her travel adventures, Marie also gives her fans a glimpse into what makes Quebec, her home, so special to her. A quick look at her lifestyle makes it hard to believe that there’s anywhere better to live and will have you wondering why you haven’t moved there already. Following her is like getting a personal tour of the trendiest spots in Quebec, which is perfect if you’re planning to visit! So the next time you’re itching for a new spot to explore in Quebec, just hurry over to see what new place she snaps a picture of next.

Beach Beauty

It isn’t hard to figure out why this Canadian-based fashionista seeks out vacations in warm, sunny locales. She escapes the harsh Quebec winter weather as often as possible with lavish trips to Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos, and other island destinations that let her embrace the heat and forget the cold. She lets out her fun and relaxed side on jet skis and surfboards, showing us that she’s capable of rocking a swimsuit when she’s not in Canada sporting her favorite sweater weather ensemble. Though her photos create major FOMO, the gorgeous scenery and crystal blue water in her vacay snaps is a welcoming surprise when her pictures pop up on our feeds.

A Glimpse Into Her Life

As the daughter of Patrick Bourgeois, the singer of Quebec band Les BB who passed away only a few short years ago, Marie’s page is an inspiration to other young women dealing with losing a loved one. The struggle to find a photo of her without her genuine, toothy grin is proof of her continuous strength and positivity. Marie’s nostalgic captions often reflect her appreciation for life and remind followers to be thankful every day and embrace the good parts of their lives. Seeing her adventurous spirit shine through in her colorful clothing and travels, despite her loss, is what makes following her so amazing. Marie reminds followers to embrace what they love and live in the moment.

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