Marie-Laurence Black

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The gorgeous blonde Marie-Laurence Black (@marlau.b) is killing it on Instagram. This Quebec style icon shares photos with her more than 7,000 followers updating them on her fabulous life. Though you may not have heard of her before, a quick look through her profile will have you hitting the follow button to keep up with her latest adventures in style, love and more!

Suitable Style

In warmer weather, she favors lots of flowy floral dresses or simple white tops. She is equally as fashionable in cooler temps rocking chunky sweaters, big scarves, and statement coats. We’re most obsessed with her accessories though. Whenever she posts photos wearing simple dangling earrings or a sophisticated watch, we’re inspired to buy some new trendy jewelry of our own.

Picturesque Travels

Marie shares her love for exploring both on her story and in her posts with photos from places all across Quebec. Her photos from Mont Ouareau, Regional Park Val-David-Val-Morin, and Kamouraska among others make us wish we could take a week off from work to explore these beautiful sites. On top of the gorgeous landscapes the city offers, she even shows off the trendy eats you can find there giving us serious FOMO and yet another excuse to take a trip to Quebec. It’s clear she loves where she lives and hopes to show other people what makes her home so great, and we can totally see why.

Creative Collaborations

It’s not only her loyal followers that obviously love the outfits Marie puts together. She clearly impressed some members of the fashion and beauty industry due to her many collaborations. She has recently partnered up with Nouveau Noir Boutique for a giveaway, as well as working with Balmy Towels and Ardene among other brands. We’re anything but surprised by her success and can’t wait to follow her on her journey to even more accomplishments.

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