Marie Gagné

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Lights, camera and action. Marie Gagne (@ma.gagne) is a Canadian model that travels around the world showing her various different fashion styles. You can find Marie at amazing photo shoots and walking down the runway for various different designers. Through her Instagram she shares her life as a model and the amazing opportunities she gets with modeling and just her everyday life she also displays.

Instagram Content

Marie travels all around the world and that is displayed on her Instagram Page. She uploads pictures of photo shoots that she has had, runway shows that she has walked on pictures with her friends, pictures of her everyday life, etc. Marie has about 561 posts on her Instagram page and she tends to upload pictures once a day when she can. Marie gets about 500-1000 like on her posts. She has 19.9K followers and follows 494. She uploads pictures of herself in New York City, California, Iceland, and many other places.

Fashion Style

From looking at her Instagram page Marie’s style is very chic and trendy. You will find her posing in fashionable suits with a cute pair of sneakers, blazers with stylish high waisted shorts, or just a cute striped one-piece bikini. Because of the fact that she is a model she can rock so many different types of clothing.


Marie has partnered with a few different companies and businesses and displays them on her Instagram page. One of the businesses that she has partnered up with is Clinique DC. Clinique DC is a facility that performs different types of services such as teeth whitening, or Microblading for your eyebrows. In a post that Marie shared on her page she is seen smiling and tags the facility thanking them for giving her a great pearly white smile. Other companies she has collaborated with have been Turnier Cross Training where she is shown training at a facility, and Ford Canada where she partnered with to travel with to name a few.

YouTube Channel

Marie is not only active on Instagram but she is also on YouTube. Her YouTube channel @ma.gagne has 5.3K followers in counting. She tends to upload a video to her channel at least once every two weeks. She began the channel a little over a year ago. She has a wide variety of different content on her channel. She films vlogs of herself in LA, as well as Q & A videos, to fashion look books. Her videos get anywhere from 1K to 10K views per video. In her fashion look book videos she tends to post outfit details in the description box so her followers can know what item came from what store.

Follow Marie

If you want to see what it’s like living like a model, go ahead and follow Marie Gagné. With her quality Instagram pictures showing her life around the world as well as the fashion shows she has been a part of shows her followers the amazing opportunity she has been given. Follow Marie Gagné today!

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