Mairlyn Smith

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Mairlyn Smith (@mairlynsmith) lives a full and fun life that we love to follow. This incredible woman is a best-selling author, daytime television host, mother, and chef. Following her is one of the best things you can do for yourself, just ask her 23.5k followers who love to engage with her and be inspired by her busy lifestyle full of things that she is passionate about.

She frequently posts healthy, easy, and inspiring recipes, as well as other inspiring friends and family members, tea, and really cool events and experiences she gets to live as a result of her successful career. Mairlyn has such an inspiring lifestyle, and following her motivates us to go after our dreams.

A Way With Words…And Food!

Although her Instagram is amazing, Mairlyn is actually the most well known for her book Peace, Love & Fiber. This cookbook is a best seller for a good reason. Her hilarious personality shines through in the anecdotes she supplies for each recipe. All the recipes included in this book are absolutely amazing, and they are the ones that have made her daytime television shows a Canadian staple. She loves sharing healthy recipes that also taste amazing, like her iconic Italian bread salad without the bread or skillet enchilada.

We love the fact that all of her recipes are full of fiber because the average person does not get enough of this important dietary staple. Although Mairlyn certainly knows a thing or two about healthy cooking, she still believes in eating whatever she wants in moderation. In fact, she has a lot of fun and inspirational quotes on her Instagram about food. One of our favourite Mairlyn quotes is, “A day without chocolate…is that actually a thing?”

Tea Parties For Days

Besides posting adorable selfies and delicious recipes, Mairlyn also posts her fair share of teacups. Yes, you heard that right, she loves posting teacups to her feed. Seeing a beautiful photo of Mairlyn’s delicate and floral teacups full of steaming tea, reminds us, and all of her followers, to take a step back and enjoy a calming moment of self-care and a break from our hectic lives. It is seriously important to take time for yourself, whether you actually make yourself a cup of tea like Mairlyn does or do whatever you need to just take a moment out for yourself, seeing Mairlyn’s post is a seriously great reminder.

Cooking Collaborations

Mairlyn is a regular occurring guest on Cityline (@cityline), which is North America’s longest-running daytime show for women as well as Breakfast Television Toronto (@bttoronto). We love that we get to see her amazing personality shine through on our televisions.

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