Mackenzie Gubbels

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Style and makeup guru Mackenzie Gubbels (@mackgubbels) is our recent influencer obsession. I mean have you seen those beautiful blonde locks? As a 23-year-old living life in the lovely London, Ontario, Mackenzie loves to take her followers along for the exciting ride. With over 9.2k followers on Instagram, this gorgeous gal is killing the social media game right now, on not only one account, but two! With her second Instagram (@mackgubbelsmakeup) dedicated to showcasing all her marvelous makeup looks, the fabulous freelance artist has all of her 1.7k followers wishing they had some of her serious skills.

Aside from wowing us all over with her insane makeup skills, Mackenzie also has captured our hearts with her girly style, beautiful blonde hair, and outrageously adventurous spirit. She’s got it all, and we just can’t get enough of this gorgeous girl!

The Makeup Marvel

Although we love when Mackenzie shares her latest cute ensemble or exciting adventure, we especially love when she shares her latest makeup look. Although she takes to her personal Instagram account to display her latest smoky eye look or precious pink pout, it is her second account (@mackgubbelsmakeup) in which the freelance artist takes to sharing all of her makeup masterpieces. From weddings to red carpets, all of her clients are guaranteed to feel even more beautiful than before.

Although we love seeing all of those before and after shots of her clients in her makeup chair, it is her in-depth product reviews that have us all coming back for more. We are the first to admit that makeup shopping is a daunting experience. With so many products to choose from, it can seem impossible to navigate those aisles and find the perfect product. By taking to her Instagram stories to answer any questions about makeup or mentioning her prized products at the moment in a post, Mackenzie is giving her followers some much-needed beauty guidance- and we are so thankful!

Girly Girl Style

The best compliment to Mackenzie’s fabulous makeup look is her incredible style, which is a total girly girl’s dream. With florals, lace and subtle denim, this style guru loves to showcase her femininity in all of her amazing ensembles. And the best part about it? When Mackenzie poses for an #OOTD in her stylish new outfit, she never forgets to tag where all of her items are from. How generous! Now we can get our hands on all of those dainty dresses and bold booties she rocks.

The Blonde Bombshell

It would not feel right to introduce Mackenzie to LFI, without mentioning her beautiful blonde locks. With its platinum blond colour and dark brown roots, Mackenzie’s marvelous mane is always styled to perfection. Whether it’s loose curls that fall onto her shoulders or slicked back in a low bun, Mackenzie’s hair always looks so good- and we are totally envious. We must book an appointment with her stylist at Soma Hair Co. (@somahairco) ASAP!

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