Livia Desjardins

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Livia Desjardins (@liviadesjardins) is a Canadian-based influencer who does it all, exploring every possible avenue she can. Not only has she become more well-known on Instagram with 14.5k followers, but she also runs her own YouTube channel attracting an astonishing number of more than 87,000 subscribers. Her impressive ability to make a name for herself at such a young age put her on our radar as an influencer to watch. Fashionista, traveler, and expert in the kitchen are among a few ways to describe this fabulous diva. Following her means catching a glimpse into all these different sides of Livia that you won’t want to miss out on.

Livia: The YouTube Star

Livia has made a name for herself on YouTube with her wide range of content. From unboxing videos to travel vlogs to holiday videos to personal anecdotes, she keeps things fresh and entertaining so that her subscribers are never getting boring, dull content. She has taken advantage of her wide range of interests and her bubbly personality to attract so many people to her channel. We have a feeling this is just the beginning of her success.

An Aspiring Chef

Livia’s love of cooking is another big part of her personality she shares with followers. Can you handle the heat in her kitchen? She spoke about her day spent learning from professionals at Patisserie Michaud and the luck she has had on her Instagram. Livia even collaborated with Chef Cook It promoting their meal boxes she uses for her weeknight meals.

Model Material

Endless selfies showing off her long locks and soft smile look more like photos out of a magazine, so her collaborations with big-name brands come as no shock. Livia worked on a project with none other than Cover Girl and Jean Coutu and even takes to Instagram to promote brands outside of the beauty industry. Her beautiful photos and photogenic quality even attracted collaborations with Les éditions les Malins and Mon emploi en tourisme.

Where In The World Is Livia?

Looking for inspiration on your next vacation spot? Livia doesn’t limit herself to only the typical tourist destinations but tries to explore places all across the world. From Maine to Vietnam to Machu Picchu, she has jumped around the world hoping to see as many places as possible all while looking fabulous. Yet another reason to check her out, Livia will make you want to go on the same wild adventures she embarks on.

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