Leigh Averill

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Vancouver-based fashion influencer, Leigh Averill (@leigh_averill) starts her day with a coffee and croissant breakfast fitting for Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. However, Averill’s feed is not filled with sophisticated Audrey inspired classic looks. Her page is littered with edgy inspiration that doesn’t give a damn about a bad reputation, perfect for walking the city streets.

Commanding Fashion Trends

Averill’s fall fashion looks follow the workwear trend of the season, but she makes it her own. With cropped blazers, cheetah print, and black leather staples, Leigh makes the season’s trends work with her edgy style – she makes her own rules. She doesn’t let her love for an edgy look stop her from rocking bright colours. She has fun with fashion and inspires followers to do so too.

A City Gal At Heart

Leigh’s style screams city chic, so it’s no surprise that you can often find her in cosmopolitan areas. Her story highlights show her love for Los Angeles and New York City. This year she started a YouTube channel to share more of her metropolitan adventures. Leigh fuels this on-the-go life of hers with tons of coffee, good company, and fun. No wonder she loves to share it!

Inspiring Followers

Leigh offers outfit of the day inspiration either on her Instagram feed or on story highlights. She offers fashion advice for followers that want to dress trendy, but don’t know where to start. Even though her fall fashion style is edgy, Leigh couldn’t be more sweet and approachable. She shares advice on how to create content and to follow your dreams in addition to her style advice, and her followers love her for it. You will too.

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