Léa Clermont-Dion

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Recognized by Maclean’s Magazine as one of the 11 Most Influential Canadians Under 25, Léa Clermont-Dion (@leaclermontdion) is not your typical Instagram influencer. As a Ph.D. student by day and author, filmmaker and TV host by night, there is nothing this wonderful woman doesn’t do. And she’s a new mom. Talk about a girl boss! With over 25.9k followers on Instagram, this Canadian queen dominates social media while spreading her positive message about women empowerment. Both Léa’s quest to promote women and their rights doesn’t just stop on Instagram. The fabulous feminist has hosted a television series about invisible women, is working on her first film about online misogyny and has written a book, which celebrates the success of women. We can’t help but feel inspired by Léa as she works at making this world a better place- all while sporting a stylish ensemble!

Crazy Career

Did you know Léa is a Ph.D. student, filmmaker, author and TV host? Talk about an impressive resume! Although many, all of Léa’s job titles seek to fulfill her goal of promoting women and their rights. It is her television series that caught our attention the most. Her show, Mitsou Gélinas, presented women who have been silenced and ignored by society. Presented weekly on the French-Canadian channel, Moi et Cie, the series shared these women’s inspiring stories and we were completely taken aback by these leading ladies. After watching Mitsou Gélinas, we’re anxiously awaiting the release of Léa’s first film, which she worked on with award-winning producer, Guylaine Maroist. The documentary will tell the story of online misogyny, and we just can’t wait!

Feminist Fashionista

With panels to attend and scenes to film, Léa’s wardrobe calls for some serious sophistication and style- and she always delivers. From structured blazers to elegant wrap dresses, this lovely lady never disappoints on the fashion front. Although she stuns in almost anything she puts on, it is her turtleneck collection that we are extremely envious of. From bold red to the classic black, Léa knows her way around a turtleneck. She pairs them with everything from jeans and a fabulous coat to a tight midi skirt. The feminist fashionista also wears pieces that promote her message of women empowerment. For example, her fabulous “Je parle Féministe,” is the ultimate statement piece that is not only adorable but also powerfully positive as it promotes this marvelous movement.

Influential Instagram

On top of being an incredibly busy woman taking over the world, Léa is also dominating the social media game. Specifically, we love her Instagram for not only a sneak peek into the influencer’s life, but also her witty yet powerful posts. Whether she’s posting a meme poking fun or sharing an inspirational quote, Léa is always giving us fresh content that we love. Check out this wonderful woman’s Instagram and we promise you she’ll become one of your favourite femmes to follow.

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