Laurie Dion

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Are you looking for a fashion icon to follow on Instagram? Look no further than Laurie Dion (@lauriedion). She has a tremendous sense of fashion and she is always up to date on the latest trends in both the beauty and fashion world. Laurie is always engaged with her followers and always tries to provide the most unique content. You can always find Laurie with a smile on her face in all of her pictures.

Influencer Profile

As you are scrolling down Laurie’s Instagram Page you can tell she is very active on social media. She currently has 639 posts and has a total of 11.2 K followers in counting. All of her outfit pictures are usually taken in front of a mirror with a huge smile on her face. On her profile you can also find her posing with friends in pictures as well as pictures with her boyfriend now turned husband.

When Laurie is not posting selfies or pictures with her friends and loved ones she tends to post very artsy pictures such as cute coffee mugs, cute purse styles, the food that she is eating etc. The way that she styles her pictures is just so eye catching. The background for these type of pictures is usually a white grey marble that really makes the objects in the picture pop out.

Fashion Style

Laurie sense of style is amazing. She always knows how to pair her outfits. Her outfits are simple yet very fashionable. She makes all of her outfits looks like she took hours to pair them. You can find her in a simple t-shirt with some cute ankle length trousers. Laurie is also very into wearing cute skirts with a cute top and pairing it with a cute cross body. Laurie also really enjoys wearing sneakers with all of her outfits, which really makes her stand out from the rest of the influencers. 

Instagram Stories

Laurie is very into posting Instagram stories and keeping her followers up to date with different stories that she uploads. A few of her stories that she posts are of her puppy named Juneau. Her puppy has a lot of energy and she generally posts videos of the puppy that is too cute to handle. Laurie has a fashion story highlight where she will post a lot of her outfits and tag the places where she got the items from making it easy for her followers to look up and even purchase the clothing that she is wearing.

Laurie also has a story highlight of makeup where just as the clothes she will post different makeup products and tag the brands. One thing that is great about this is when it comes to eye shadow pallets she will swatch the colors on her arm so that her followers can really see the pigment quality which is beneficial so that way they can know whether the eye shadow palette is worth splurging on.

YouTube Channel

Something really eye catching about Laurie is that she is not only active on Instagram she is also very active on YouTube. Laurie has a YouTube channel where she posts a wide variety of different content on YouTube. From vacation videos wit her husband to shopping hauls where she shows her viewers what she buys at different stores, to get ready with me videos, her content really gets people to watch her stuff because she is just so genuine. She currently has over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube. Laurie tends to post a few videos every month.

Follow Laurie Dion

Laurie is an influencer that does it all. She is constantly posting amazing content not only on her Instagram page but also on her YouTube channel. She is all about positive vibes and living life to the fullest and that reflects highly on her page. She keeps up to date with everything beauty related which keeps her followers coming back for more. Laurie is definitely an influencer you want to follow.

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