Laurence Jones

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24-year-old Montreal media star Laurence Jones (@laurencejones21) is taking the Internet by storm with her radiant beauty and body positivity affirmations. On social media today, it’s rare to find an honest influencer that is so raw and real in all their posts, but Laurence does this and so much more. She constantly encourages her followers to embrace their true selves. Her Instagram offers a plethora of positivity where she shares her beauty and style posts accompanied by her own words of optimistic wisdom to her 17.2k followers.

From strutting her stuff in her signature bikini pictures or striking a pose for her #ootd posts, Laurence highlights her style in a unique way. Along with her photos, her captions contain honest updates on her weight-loss journey as well her struggles and strides with body positivity. Aside from her daily inspiration, Laurence is a true business mogul with her dozens of collaborations with prominent brands from KaseMe to clothing company La Vie En Rose. Laurence’s partner Wondersquad helps her followers achieve the body goals they’ve always wanted. Clearly, Laurence’s isn’t just in it for herself. She uses her strong following to spread love, inspire others to be themselves - and this is why we love her!

The Power Of Positivity

Laurence takes her followers through a journey of self-love as she documents learning how to embrace her body. Whether it’s strolling the beach in a bright bikini or posing in her patterned workout leggings, she wants her followers to be with her every step of the way. When following Laurence, you will receive a daily reminder through her powerful and honest captions to love yourself, something we all fail to do regularly. She constantly affirms to her followers that they are strong and beautiful, and opens up the discussion in her comments for people to leave their own testimonies about their struggles. Laurence is the light that shines through Instagram’s negativity. Her confidence and commitment to self-acceptance – along with a sprinkle of positivity – can truly make a difference in her followers’ lives.

Workout Warrior

For some much-needed fitness inspiration, many fans flock to Laurence’s Instagram for that extra push they’re looking for.  Laurence’s followers get to witness her body’s evolution and see how hard she works to achieve her fitness goals. From posting new protein powders she is trying out, to her stylish workout ensembles, her followers will never run out of exciting products to try. She shares how her followers can join her on this path to wellness with her collaborations with health companies such as Nutrition Fit Plus and Wondersquad. With these partnerships, Laurence makes it easier for her followers to achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives too! Laurence is clearly proud of her body transformation, and she uses her progress as a source of hope for all those wanting to kick-start their own health journeys.


Many companies are eager to work with an inspirational influencer, and we can’t blame them. From collaborations with clothing companies such as La Vie En Rose to beauty brands such as Elle R Cosmétiques, Laurence has received many exciting opportunities and she is sharing it with her followers! With coupon codes and giant giveaways, the influencer shows her followers just how much they mean to her.

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