Kelsey McEwen

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Kelsey McEwen (@kelseymcewen) is capturing hearts everywhere both on the small screen and on social media. We love to see this Canadian cutie every morning for her weather report on CTV’s National Morning Show, (@yourmorning).

Aside from killing it on television, Kelsey is also dominating the social media game, as she has an impressive following of 9.9k on Instagram. From taking us behind the scenes of her next story or on the red carpet of fabulous events, this lovely lady shares it all with her followers.

Aside from an inside look at the life of a television queen, we also love seeing all Kelsey’s fabulous fashion. Whether she’s reporting in front of a green screen or chasing her toddlers around the house, Kelsey does it all in a great outfit. From style advice to set secrets, the blonde beauty is proving to us why she is a must-follow!

Working Girl

Kelsey is probably a part of your morning routine, as you sip your coffee and watch her discuss the weather for the day. As a meteorologist on CTV’s National Morning Show, this wonderful woman shines bright in front of the green screen, as she is always seen with a smile on her face. Her beaming energy and bubbly personality are evident as millions watch her every morning. She does not just stun in front of that weather map.

She also has taken to the coveted couch and sat down for interviews with some serious celebrities. From Big Bang Theory’s John Ross Bowie to the beautiful Aja King, Kelsey has sat down with them as they discuss their latest projects, thoughts of the world, and many more exciting things. Kelsey loves to take to Instagram to tease her next interview and get us all ready to watch it when it comes out. Her strategy definitely works, as we always get excited to watch the show after one of her teasers. Kudos to you Kelsey!

Kelsey’s Sophisticated Style

Although Kelsey is an amazing journalist and meteorologist, she is also a style sensation! I mean, look at those fits! From pleats to patterns, this chic lady knows her way around a dress. Whether she’s rocking one on her show or just sporting one on her latest vacation destination, Kelsey loves to unleash her inner femininity in a dainty dress. Dresses aren’t the only things Kelsey looks fabulous wearing. In fact, this television trendsetter can rock just about anything and make it look fabulously fashionable! From sleek slacks to trendy trench coats, Kelsey keeps us all on our toes as we anticipate her next chic ensemble.

Kelsey’s Collaborations

Kelsey kills it on television and Instagram, which makes it no shocker that this gorgeous gal has many people dying to work with her. From working with stylist Erica Wark (@ericaonfashion) to partnering with Hasbro games (@hasbrogamingofficial) for her family’s game night, Kelsey partners with the best!

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