Katherine Garbarino

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We absolutely love social media influencer Katherine Garbarino (@kgmtl)! With her commitment to total transparency when discussing skincare products and her yummy yet healthy recipes on her second account KG’s Kitchen (@kgskitchen), this Montreal marvel has reeled us all in. With an impressive following of 45.9k on Instagram and over 26k subscribers on YouTube, Katherine is a breath of fresh air on our feeds- and we are so thankful! She takes her followers along for the ride on both her Instagram and YouTube channel as she goes through her daily routine, cooks delicious delights, and spreads her powerful positivity. This honest honey always keeps it real with her followers and gives them her true opinions, whether it’s on the latest beauty products or her intimate struggles. Katherine is truly a beacon of bright light on social media, and we are so lucky to have found her!

Better Beauty

With a strong passion for all things beauty and skincare, Katherine loves to review the latest products on both her Instagram and YouTube channel. However, what sets her apart from the rest of the beauty community is her ability to keep it totally real. Never sponsored and always authentic, Katherine’s product reviews shed some light on what products are worth the hype before we spend that pretty penny. Reviewing everything from Chanel foundation to Sun Potion’s Shea Butter moisturizer, this gorgeous girl has got it all covered. Although she commits to giving unsponsored product reviews, it does not mean Katherine is not familiar with the big brand deals. Only promoting products she absolutely adores, the Montreal mogul has recently worked with Nova probiotics, iHerb, and TrendSavvy.com. And the best part about these brand deals is she’s giving her followers exclusive discount codes that help them save money on their next purchases. What a generous guru!

Fabulous Fashion

Although she is a health and makeup master, Katherine’s fashion sense is also commendable. With dainty dresses and pretty purses, this fashionista’s closet is an ode to the ultimate girly girl. Always looking put together and amazingly accessorized, Katherine has a style that matches all of her media success.

Powerful Positivity

Although we love Katherine for her girly chic style and breathtaking beauty, it is her inspiring philosophy that keeps us coming back for more. Specifically, her recent #KGMTLCHALLENGE has given us that extra boost of motivation we needed in our lives. By people all around the world tagging #KGMTLCHALLENGE on photos of their daily routines, precious products, and healthy habits, people are encouraging one another to live a better lifestyle. In a world filled with foods that cause our body much distress, it is hard to navigate the grocery aisles in order to find the best. By others sharing the foods that helped them lose those last few pounds or eliminated a skin issue they had, participants of this challenge are experiencing surges of motivation to live a healthier life. Katherine is the embodiment of what every influencer should be- motivating, generous and honest!

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