Karo Desorcy

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With a whopping 19.9k followers, make sure you keep Karo Desorcy (@karo.desorcy) on your radar. Her bright and sunny Instagram aesthetic never gets old and neither does seeing what new look she dons on her latest vacation or trip to a concert. She has already achieved so much so early that we feel confident we’ll be seeing more of Karo in the future.

Success On YouTube

Not only has she found success through one social media outlet, but Karo also has her own YouTube channel with over 16,000 subscribers. She posts lots of travel vlogs, stories, and videos sorting her clothes to name a few. Seeing her fun personality come through only makes us more eager to follow her and watch more of her entertaining videos. This YouTube star is definitely one of our favourites.

A Positive Role Model

In the world of social media, no one is immune to feeling self-doubt or finding it hard not to compare themselves to the other women they see on Instagram. Though she’s only 21, Karo has openly revealed to followers about her own doubts and how she learned self-love. Not everyone is willing to expose such honest reflections in such a public way, so we commend Karo for sharing this side of herself to remind people perfection does not exist. She is willing to share her own insecurities so that followers can remember that no one is free from moments of doubt even if her feed may sometimes make it seem that way.

Check Out Karo’s Brand Partnerships

Karo has collaborated with more brands than we can count. From Quintsoul Swimwear to Beach Club to Skip the Dishes, she has partnerships with a whole array of different companies as a result of her Instagram success. She is the ultimate boss lady taking advantage of her popularity and bringing awesome brands she loves to her followers’ attention.

Follow This Beauty & Fashion Icon Today

Karo takes to her story to let people see her latest outfit of the day and her favourite beauty products. Not to mention, we get to see even more style inspiration in her posts. She rocks all the current trends from off-the-shoulder blouses to high-waist shorts. Regardless of the backdrop, every style choice she makes looks better than the next. She whisks us away to countries all over the world while looking stunning in every #OOTD post she shares. Follow Karo on Instagram to why she’s captured so many hearts across Canada and beyond.

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