Karine Pothieryt

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We are obsessed with Karine Pothieryt, and you should be too. This Canadian native seriously seems to be able to effortlessly do it all. Not only does Karine run her own Instagram page (@karinepothieryt) where she has over 30k followers, her own YouTube channel with almost 40k subscribers, and mother her three adorable young children, but she is also a dental hygienist. We seriously cannot believe how busy Karine must always be, and she certainly inspires us to be our best selves and stay active and motivated in whatever we do.

A Truly Amazing Mother

One of our favourite parts about following Karine is that she frequently posts pictures of her three adorable children: Jayden, Amanda, and Maverick. You can see how much love Karine has for her family through the photos she posts, and that sense of love will instantly put a smile on your face whenever you see one of her photos appear on your feed. Karine even has an Instagram highlight dedicated to each of her little angels that we honestly love to stalk whenever we need some cute inspiration. Her youngest baby, Amanda, was born in late May, and we love following Amanda’s growth and milestones, in addition to playing around with her brothers. We also love that Karine documented her entire pregnancy journey on her social media platforms. Karine also has a reputation posting her kid’s outfits, nursery and meals, giving those with little kids great inspiration, and everyone else a little bit of baby fever!

A Healthy Dose Of Lifestyle Inspiration

Karine is an all-around lifestyle guru, which makes her the perfect person to follow on Instagram, and subscribe to on YouTube. On her YouTube channel, you can find her vlogs and follow her around on days in her crazy life, running around with her kids and working as a dentist. She also posts a lot of lifestyle inspiration videos, like recipe and mommy outfit ideas. We love that Karine posts such real and raw photos to her Instagram because it inspires us to do the same, and lets us know that it’s ok to not always have it all together. After all, if you are going to take lifestyle advice from someone, it might as well from a woman who can juggle so many things within her life.

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