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Kaitlin Hargreaves (@kaithargreaves) is a fabulous makeup, hair, and watercolour artist with more than 60k followers. While she’s passionate about her family, she also loves food, wine, art, and traveling. Her Instagram page and website are full of super stylish aesthetics. She graduated from Blanche Macdonald, the most prestigious makeup school in Canada, and she worked on Love It or List It Vancouver. This Canadian beauty has all the inspiration you need to help you look and feel beautiful.

The Ultimate Canadian Makeup Queen

As if graduating from the top beauty school in Canada isn’t already enough to consider her the real deal, she has all the experience to prove that she’s got what it takes to kill it in the beauty industry. Not only has Kaitlin worked on movie sets as a makeup artist, but she has also worked for some of the most iconic makeup companies including Mac, Shiseido, and Christian Dior. Some of her most popular jobs include being the Key Makeup Artist for Love It Or List It Vancouver and being Jillian Harris’ makeup and hair artist. Our favourite thing about Kaitlin is that she uses her talents to enhance beauty, not to change it. She wants all her clients to feel like they are beautiful with their unique features rather than have to cover something up to look drastically different. While many other makeup artists tend to cover their subjects’ natural looks and hide these features with makeup to create a look, Kaitlin believes in staying true to how her subjects naturally look and bringing out their real beauty.

Canada’s Creative Artist and Blogger

Besides her makeup, Kaitlin also creates beautiful hairstyles and even does some crazy cool special effects. Her artistic talents are not limited to just beauty. Kaitlin is a gifted painter as well and paints breathtaking art using watercolours, for sale on her website. She paints all types of subjects from a painting of an adorable dog, to a picturesque landscape. She even offers the option for customers to order custom paintings. In addition to her artistic talents, Kaitlin is also a blogger! Her website features her relatable blog where she covers honest topics such as brush cleaning, her weight loss journey, and even menstrual cups. Her Instagram page is also an amazing sight to be seen. She posts some of her work but also has plenty of adorable pictures of her family. Her kids and dogs look so delightful! She also has partnerships with companies such as Burt’s Bees, Clearly, and Skip The Dishes.

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Kaitlin is a very talented and passionate woman when it comes to the arts. She succeeds in her craft and is killing it with her work and she flaunts a wonderful personal life. Check out her content today for some beautiful inspiration!

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