Justine Brouillette

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Justine Brouillette is one of our Instagram obsessions. Her page (@justinebrouill) is seriously goals. She has her colours and entire theme down to a science, and we love taking inspiration from her amazing aesthetics. In fact, we aren’t the only ones completely obsessed with Justine’s Instagram, her page has 26.7k followers and she is only getting bigger as time passes. When this Canadian fashion icon isn’t posing for the perfect photo op, she can be found working on her blog, studying marketing, creating content for her YouTube channel, or styling her clients. It is truly inspiring to see Justine be the ultimate girl boss, and pursue so many things that she is passionate about. Sometimes we have to wonder how she looks so amazing while balancing her hectic life.

An Unmatched Style

Despite her insane schedule, Justine somehow manages to always look amazing for whatever she is up to. We are especially appreciative of the fact that she posts outfit of the days to her Instagram stories on the daily. She even has a highlight of all her past outfits, which we, admittedly, are always stalking. If you’re ever unsure what to wear, look at her past outfits for all the inspiration you need (and she tags all her clothes so we can all know exactly where to find them). Justine has such an impeccable fashion sense, that she has even been able to make a career out of it. She frequently works and collaborates with Look Du Jour (@lookdujour_ca) and Rachael (@fromrachel) as a way to bring her amazing style to clients. We love to follow her collaborations and see Justine bring her laid back, yet girly style to women everywhere.

A Woman Of Countless Talents

Justine can juggle a lot in her life. She has so many different talents and passions, and we seriously look up to the way she can attend to all of them. For example, besides her successful YouTube, Instagram page, and collaborations, Justine also has her own blog. She takes most of the photographs on her blog, and the content is stunning. You should check it out for the photos, and amazing and useful tips and tricks Justine gives in her posts. Justine is also business-focused and is currently working towards a marketing degree. We are already so in awe and proud of all her accomplishments, and know that her hard work means she has a long and successful career ahead of her!

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