Joannie Laplante

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Joannie Laplante (@joannielaplante) gives us serious inspiration on so many different aspects of life. This mother posts colourful photos of herself with her young children on her feed, but our favourite part of her Instagram profile has to be her stories and highlights, where she is very in touch with her culinary side, and posts videos of her culinary adventures so we can get step-by-step directions on how to perfect her favourite recipes and suggestions. Following her is like following a chef, who also posts pictures of adorable kids.

A Passion For Food

Joannie truly has a chef gene and she loves to show it off to her family and friends. She seems to always be posting photos and videos of herself hosting dinner parties and cooking delicious meals and treats for all of her friends and family. We certainly hope that the next time she cooks on of her amazing looking meals we are invited over to try! We also love that she posts such a vast variety of food and recipes. Joannie gives us tips, tricks, and recipes on how to cook everything from a simple salad to an Italian meal, to a Spanish feast. If you’re looking to spice up your normal weekly dinners and create something out of the box, we recommend following Joannie for a ton of different cooking inspiration.

A Family-Oriented Diva

Other than posting stories to Instagram about her passion for cooking all kinds of food and curating her own recipes, Joannie is also a very family-oriented mother enjoys sharing snapshots of her adorable children. Joannie always posts photos of her kids wearing the cutest baby outfits, and it seriously puts a smile on our faces whenever one of her photos of her cute babies appears on our feed. If you’re looking for a cute family vibe, then we recommend that you give Joannie a follow.

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