Joanna Venditti

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Mastering motherhood is no easy feat. But thanks to the incredible influencer, Joanna Venditti (@nestingstory), mothers across the nation can finally enhance their parenting game! Based in Ontario with her husband and four children, this 36-year-old media mama shares a real and honest look into motherhood and womanhood-with a chic outfit on the entire time!

With the success of her lifestyle and parenting blog, Nesting Story, as well as an impressive following of 12.5k followers on Instagram and 63.5k subscribers on YouTube, Joanna does it all. From raising children to creating a forceful online presence, Joanna is the hardworking honey we all aspire to become one day. Thanks to her powerful positivity and daily words of wisdom flooding our feeds, we learned how to conquer self-esteem issues and unlock bountiful confidence. Give her a follow today for an unlimited flow of positivity and good vibes!

Welcome to Nesting Story

Before motherhood, Joanna was a potent presence in the world of interior decorating, as she focused her passion for residential and hospitality design. In 2013, she decided to change her career path and become a blogger. After becoming the mother of two adorable twins, Joanna sought ways to share her story and connect with other mommies. As she continues to grow her family, Joanna documents her life with her four children. This was how Nesting Story came to fruition.

But this blog isn’t just a parenting blog. It’s actually a hub for moms everywhere to flock to when they need style secrets, home decor inspiration, and motherhood advice. The best part about the blog is that it empowers women everywhere to find their own identities, despite the chaos from raising children. Today, Nesting story transformed into a women’s online magazine that welcomes contributors who wish to share their own motherhood journeys.

Bringing Motherly Love To YouTube

If that isn’t enough Joanna for you, she also has a YouTube channel. Here, viewers catch an in-depth and honest look into this marvelous mama’s life. Joanna’s videos range anywhere from tips on how to limit a child’s technology use to her fashion and beauty look-books. Subscribe to Joanna today to get an inside look on how she does it all.

Preaching Positivity

Aside from her blog and YouTube channel, Joanna also takes to her Instagram to share her struggles and give an honest look into motherhood. From sharing her body after-birth updates and fitness journey, Joanna is a true beacon of light to all her followers. Being completely candid is hard to come by especially on social media, and Joanna does it with such effortlessness and grace. She discusses how she lost sight of what love and health were to her, and how she relearned. Joanna is the inspirational influencer you will not regret following.

Effortless Style

As a busy mommy, Joanna still manages to do it all with an incredibly trendy style. With flowy floral dresses to bold blazers, Joanna embodies an effortless style and we absolutely adore her for it! Thanks to her, all the moms out there not only have advice on raising their children, but also ways to empower themselves through fashion and wellness.

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