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Jessica Janzen (@jsjanzen) is a mommy, speaker, author, and lifestyle/travel blogger. With 21K followers Jessica is taking the Instagram world by storm. Her outgoing, fun, and infectious personality is apparent in everything she posts. Jessica’s Instagram feed reveals a stylish and fun loving woman who is full of smiles, loves her family, and is all about giving back. Read on to learn more about this Canadian style icon, and throw her a follow to see her beautiful life in real time.

Fashion Interest

Jessica’s style is casual and comfortable. She loves showing people new and exciting ways to rock simple duds in neutral and understated hues. This Calgary based gal-next-door’s style is an endless source of #OOTD inspiration for us at LFI. One of Jessica’s go to looks is dark denim jeans and a white blouse –styled to perfection - which is then finished off long cardigan. Talk about homebody chic! When her outfit calls for a splash of colour, Jessica typically relies on bright pink shoes that jump out against her neutral coloured ensemble. On the occasion where she does dress up, Jessica’s go-to outfit is a long flowy midi dress with some neutral colored heels.

Love For Lewiston Foundation 

The Olstads family created Love For Lewiston Foundation after discovering that their newborn baby, Lewis, was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). SMA is an inherited condition that affects the lower part of the brain and spinal cord. Babies with this rare but difficult disease often have a hard time crawling, walking, and even breathing on their own. Unfortunately, there is no cure for SMA as of right now. After a hard fought battle, their son Lewis passed away on November 22, 2016. They founded the Love for Lewiston Foundation to raise awareness about the disease, fund research and treatment for other ailing children, and create a lasting legacy their beloved Lewis. For more information on the work that this beautiful foundation is doing, be sure to follow along at @loveforlewiston.

Makeup Routine

Jessica is all about keeping her look natural, simple, elegant, and beautiful. Translation: her make up routine focuses on doing a lot with very little, and creating a tasteful aesthetic. Her makeup routine starts off with tinted moisturizer for a vibrant and lovely glow. She tops that off with a little bit of concealer to smooth out her skin’s small imperfections. Jessica then goes ahead and adds a bit of color to her eyelids with some eye shadow and draws on a light thin liner. Finally, she finishes off her look with a bit of mascara and some blush. Just like that, Jessica is ready to take on the day!

Follow Jessica Today

If you aren’t following Jessica yet then what are you waiting for? She’s outgoing, bubbly, and has the biggest heart. Jessica is all about giving back and raising awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. If you want someone to put a smile on your face, Jessica is a must follow!

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