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Jessica Gurney

With over 20k followers on Instagram, Jessica Gurney (@walkingmyrunway) is a force to be reckoned with. She is the founder and CEO of Walking My Runway, a business that sets clients up with stylists, personal shoppers and other fashionable services to help these customers discover, improve and embrace their unique personal styles. On top of running the business, this fashionista is also a wardrobe consultant, stylist and personal shopper for her business. Jessica has a huge passion for fashion and loves dressing up. Scrolling through her feed is like being in a fashionable dream.

Fierce & Unforgettable Fashion

If you love fashion, you need to follow Jessica Gurney immediately. Her whole feed features her in beautiful, perfectly put together outfits that could inspire anyone to want to dress their best. She’s not afraid to make a bold statement and slays the look every single time. Jessica absolutely loves designer items, such as Kate Spade and Channel, and she rocks these specialty pieces like a true queen. Some of her best and most colorful looks include a bright red dress with polka dots, a newspaper dress and a houndstooth jacket with a skirt to match. All her looks are very feminine, as she wears a lot of skirts, dresses, and purses… and heels! Words can’t describe her amazing heel collection. From neo- blue pumps to red over-the-knee heeled boots, her all shoes are absolutely amazing!

Walking My Runway

Jessica always wanted to help her friends and family with their fashion sense, which sparked the idea for Walking My Runway. She founded Walking My Runway to spread her love for fashion worldwide, and help women around the world find their sense of style. Her company offers so many different services such as closet audits, personal shopping, personal styling, customize your own package, wardrobe restyle package, shopping guides and pack my luggage. She loves to give back to her supporters too, so all of her services start with a complimentary initial consult.

Shop My Runway

If you love Jessica’s style and you want to find a way to dress like her, you can just by following her! Shop her fashion on her two pages, (@shopmyrunway) and (@walkingmyrunwayboutique). Her goal is to provide customers with 100 percent real luxury items for affordable prices. This service offers worldwide shipping and local pickup as well. You can find designer tops, bottoms, and handbags for great low prices all through her service. You can even purchase these items just by sending Jessica DMs or visiting her site. To inform everyone, Jessica includes and a condition rating of all of the items for sale. She also compares the initial retail price of the item to how much she is selling it for so that customers will know how much they are actually saving.
Jessica Gurney is a fashionista worth following. Anyone can learn from her sense of style and her fashion sense.

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