Jennifer Valentyne

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Jennifer Valentyne (@jennifervalentyne) is a fabulous TV host, radio host, and mom. This successful lady is the host of “Global News Morning Toronto,” such an impressive job title! According to her Instagram page, she’s also a radio host of The Parenting Show. This makes sense, considering she loves her daughter very much and she even has an Instagram and YouTube channel together devoted to their mother-daughter-dates. Yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds. Check out some of Jennifer’s work and content today!

She’s Killing It in Her Career

Jennifer hosts “Global News Morning Toronto” and is known for her bright and enthusiastic personality. While this is clearly an amazing job, it’s not her first or only job on screen. She’s also hosted The Bachelor Canada and Bachelorette Canada. She’s also very well known for her role as “Live Eye” on CP24 Breakfast where she lit up the morning screen with her upbeat and likable personality. As a woman of many talents, she’s also done comedy and improv work and enjoys singing as well. She is surely a very outgoing people-person and loves interacting with her community, and she’s done some humanitarian/volunteer work too.

A Devoted Mommy

In addition to her career, Jennifer loves her daughter and always enjoys spending time with her. They go on plenty of mother-daughter dates together which she documents and it’s one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen. They have cute car chats where they have entertaining conversations that will surely make you smile. Some of their outings include a trip to New York City, a visit to a pizza vending machine, a trip to see Waitress the play, and plenty of other fun adventures! Jennifer is so devoted to her adventures with her daughter that they have an Instagram page (@motherdaughterdate) and YouTube channel, both devoted to these dates. The Instagram page features plenty of adorable pictures and video clips from their dates. Their YouTube channel features plenty of fun videos of them together. Give them a follow and a watch to put a smile on your face!

Jennifer Valentyne Does It All

Jennifer Valentyne is living proof that any woman can be successful in her career as well as also being a great mom without having to choose one over the other. She’s just as loveable and caring as she’s smart and hardworking. If you want some awesome inspiration from the woman who truly can do it all, check out this fabulous mom/TV host today!

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