Jenna Collins

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Pack your bags! Style influencer Jenna Collins (@jenfrom.theblock) is whisking us away on one of her fabulous trips as she takes to Instagram to share all of her exciting adventures. With over 8.6k followers on the platform, the 26-year-old Toronto trendsetter is our go-to girl for some inspiration on all levels. Whether we are looking for a new place to grab a delicious bite from in the city or need some style advice, Jenna has got us covered. With a busy travel itinerary, effortless beauty, and sophisticated style, the gorgeous guru is inspiring us all to live out our best lives- and in a chic outfit! Jenna is also the collaborative queen as she is currently partnering with Mejuri, our favourite shop for fine jewelry, to give her followers 10% off their next purchase. We are definitely going to take advantage of this. Thanks, Jenna!

Sophisticated Style

As an avid traveler, Jenna always makes sure she has an outfit that shines no matter the destination. Her style exudes sophistication, as the fashionista always looks so put together. From palazzo pants to dainty dresses, Jenna keeps it simple, as she tends to stick to neutrals and steer away from loud prints and patterns. Although simple, Jenna’s style is far from boring, as she always knows the essential elements to spruce up all of her lovely looks. Whether it’s a small wicker cross-body or some edgy rounded sunglasses, Jenna knows just how to finish any look off.

She is especially good at styling jewelry with her outfit- something we all can admit we struggle to do sometimes. Want to know Jenna’s secret to wearing jewelry? Stick to one statement. Whether it’s sporting a small watch on your wrist or some big gold hoops, Jenna teaches us that keeping it simple is the key to looking classy and sophisticated. Aside from sharing her jewelry secrets, the influencer also loves to share where all of her fabulous items are from, so we can get our hands on them! By tagging where each thing she’s rocking is from, Jenna allows her fans skip the hours searching the Internet or sifting racks and instead lets them know where they can get their hands on her fabulous look. Kind and stylish? Jenna’s the perfect package!

Traveling Trendsetter

Although we love Jenna’s chic style and breathtaking beauty, we especially love seeing all of her exciting adventures. As a jet-setting junkie, Jenna takes to her Instagram every time she hops on a plane and arrives in a new city, as she shares all of the details of her amazing travels. From the small streets of Paris to the sandy beaches of Florida, Jenna is taking us all along on the ride- and we are so thankful! We can’t wait to see where Jenna takes us next.

Collaborative Queen

Jenna is the ultimate collaborative queen, as many companies are dying to work with the fashion influencer. Her partnerships range everywhere from Löfbergs Canada (@lofbergs_canada) and Flourish Pancakes (@flourishpancakes), to La Vida Mokka (@lavidamokka) and Eggie (@eggieshop). Although we love all of her collaborations, we especially are thankful for her most recent one with the fashionable jewelry company, Mejuri (@mejuri), where she’s giving us 10% by using the link in her bio. We have definitely put her discount to good use!

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