Gloria Bella

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It’s all sunny smiles for Canadian fashion influencer and YouTube sensation Gloria Bella (@gloria_bellaaa). With over 86k followers on Instagram and 105k subscribers on YouTube, Gloria is a breath of fresh air on our feeds with her gorgeous grin and powerful positivity. With her cute quirkiness and charming character, Gloria is definitely deserving of all the social media success she has received. As a strong advocate for the Body Positivity and Love is Love movements, this Canadian content creator is empowering thousands of women to love themselves for who they really are. Whether it’s teaching her audience how to embrace their bodies or discussing her sexuality on camera, Gloria uses her platform as a means to spread positivity and light into the world. On top of being an inspiration to all, Gloria is also a fashion icon- whose style is definitely noteworthy! An ode to the 90s, Gloria’s closet is one we would definitely want to raid. Stylish and motivational, Gloria is the gorgeous guru who you must be following.

Profound Positivity

It all started when 11-year-old Gloria Bella took to YouTube to share her sweet spirit with the world. Originally starting out as a beauty channel where she would share her most beloved makeup products, the guru’s channel eventually evolved into a positivity platform. Sharing everything from her coming out story to the details of her body positivity path, Gloria is a beacon of light on the often-dark Internet. Aside from her YouTube Channel, Gloria also gets real with her Instagram followers, sprinkling her positivity in all of her posts. From captions reminding her followers to love themselves to unfiltered photos, this ravishing role model embodies everything good in the social media world.

Glowing Gloria

With a spirit that shines bright, it makes sense that this bubbly beauty has perfected the art of makeup. With seriously sculpted brows and rosy red cheeks, this gorgeous guru likes to play with makeup in a way that highlights her natural beauty. Her skin is radiant beyond words, with a soft and dewy complexion that we are completely envious of. Although committed to keeping it au naturel, Gloria has also had fun experimenting with makeup and has tried many different dazzling looks. Our favourite look of hers is her bold red lip, complimenting her gleaming grin and playful personality! Gloria also likes to have fun with her hair and never shies away from switching up her look. From changing the length of her hair to the colour (we especially loved her pretty pink locks), this lovely lady’s look is always evolving- and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Vintage Vibes

To accompany her liveliness and sparkling soul, Gloria’s wardrobe is a true fashionista’s fantasy. With pieces ranging from cozy cashmere to daring denim, Gloria’s style oozes vintage vibes. ‘90s fashion is making a complete comeback, and Gloria is for sure joining in on the fun! With her fabulous fanny packs and classic denim mom jeans, her style is all about having fun and taking risks. A true fashion phenomenon, Gloria is the influencer who we would definitely want to shop with!

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