Florence Vertefeuille

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The fashionable free spirit capturing everyone’s attention today is none other than style influencer, Florence Vertefeuille (@flo_vertefeuille). This Montreal marvel has an impressive following of 10.7k on Instagram, and her fans love to follow the 22-year-old around on all her exciting excursions. From traveling to awe-inspiring Australia to stepping out with the girls for drinks at the bar, Florence always takes her followers along for the ride. Her perky personality shines through in every one of her posts. Truth be told, it’s rare that one of her epic selfies doesn’t contain her signature smile.

On top of her gorgeous grin, this girl eats, sleeps, and breathes fashion. From playing with plaid to dawning some denim, Florence has that girly style that we can’t get enough of! We aren’t the only ones obsessed with Florence and her impeccable taste in fashion. Companies such as the haircare label MONAT and the luxurious Canadian lodge, Auberge du Lac-à-l'Eau-Claire are partnering with the fashion influencer to bring her exciting energy to their brand.

A Jet Set Junkie With A Knack For Adventure

Traveling the world is nothing new for Florence, and she is always preparing for her next amazing adventure. As an influencer, Florence gets to see the beauty of the world, but she makes sure she brings her followers along to each new locale. From breathtaking Bondi beach to the striking streets of London, Florence captures it all for us. She even makes us feel like we are right beside her soaking up the sun or strolling down cobblestone streets. Florence’s travels would not be possible without the help of her followers, and she engages them by taking to her Instagram story for recommendations on where she should go next. Brisbane, Perth or Sydney? Florence asked this question in one of her recent stories, as she sought her followers’ advice on Australian cities to visit. We cannot wait for fabulous Florence’s next awesome adventure!

Hair To Dye For

We always take to Florence’s Instagram to see how she is styling her marvelous mane. From beautiful brown to gorgeous gray, this beauty is not afraid to have fun with her hair. With that said, it is no surprise that the influencer has partnered with the haircare brand MONAT. With millions of products out on the market today, Florence makes it easy for her followers to access the best of the best, as she gives insight into what products she uses and how she achieves her luscious locks. Whether she’s sporting a cute curly moment or a sleek straight look, Florence always dominates the hair game- and we now know all her secrets!

Swoon Over Her Sophisticated Style

Classy, elegant and undoubtedly girly, Florence’s style is one we adore! With playful patterns such as leopard and polka dots to bold colours, Florence has fun with fashion. Her go-to ensemble? A patterned pant of some kind paired with a simple top. She also loves to show off her femininity with her hair accessories. From big bows to hipster hats, Florence knows how to showcase those lovely locks in the most stylish way.

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