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Flore Tellier (@floretellier) is a fashion blogger and YouTuber. She loves working out, food, fashion, travel, beauty, and attending events. Not only is she super stylish, but she’s a talented blogger and makes great videos as well. Check out some of her content for some great fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.

Check Out Flore’s Unbeatable Fashion Sense

Flore has a very light, beachy style that complements her sweet personality. Many of the outfits on her page feature light, pastel colours, creating a soft, feminine aesthetic. A lot of her outfits also seem to have soft, light fabrics to go with the airy, gentle image that she portrays. When it comes to texture, her use of lacey, sheer, and fluffy pieces completes her outfits perfectly and adds some variety to all the pics in her feed.

She rocks lots of long pieces like maxi skirts, cardigans, and scarves with details like stockings and jewelry for the ultimate feminine look. She also likes to look trendy, as she loves snakeskin and jumps on board other trends as well such as blazers and hair scarves. When it comes to accessories, she’s not afraid to experiment with bold hats, glasses, and bags.

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When it comes to blogging, Flore writes about everything. She covers topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, wellness, and travel. Some of her fashion blog topics include summer trends and Christmas party outfit ideas. For beauty, a few of her blogs include The Guide to the Perfect Manicure and Three Types of Skin, Three Ranges of Face Care. When it comes to lifestyle, she writes relatable blogs such as The Musts for Valentine’s Day at Home and Gift Ideas: for the Hostess.

She also writes about many travel experiences from Jamaica to Italy to London. Some of the wellness topics that she tackles include a personal health challenge and advice for people who think that Christmas is difficult. She also posts easy and delicious recipes that will make you hungry! Read her blogs today for inspiration in any topic that interests you.

Flore’s YouTube Channel

Flore’s YouTube channel, Flo & Confetti, is all about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and features plenty of vlogs and tutorials. Some of her video topics include a vlog from her first trip alone to Jamaica, 50 facts about herself, and housekeeping wardrobes. Check out her adorable and informative videos today.

Get To Know Flore Tellier

Flore Tellier is a fashionista with many passions. This queen is living her best life and looking good while doing so. Checking out her content will inspire anyone to be just like her and pursue their many passions, whether those passions include fashion, travel, wellness, all of the above, or even more. Show her some love today!

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