Estée Lalonde

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Estée Lalonde (@esteelalonde) is taking fashion, interior design, and beauty industries by storm. Her YouTube channel features videos about makeup, home décor, clothing, and hair, and boats over 1 million subscribers. She also has a jewelry collection with Daisy London and loves all jewelry. Estée also has her own book, called, “Bloom: Navigating Life and Style.” If all of that wasn’t enough, this business mogul even has a podcast called “On The Line.” This beautiful blond is clearly slaying life and is an inspiration for any aspiring fashionistas out there.

Fierce & Fabulous Fashion

Estée has a chic and sophisticated sense of style. She constantly rocks various trends at once including animal print and block heels. She always puts these bold outfits on display and shows off her incredible confidence with each look. Her outfits make her look like she just walked right out of a magazine cover or fashion photoshoot, so give her a follow today.

Estée’s YouTube Channel: A Must Lifestyle & Beauty Lovers

If you’re not already following Estée on YouTube, what are you waiting for? Many of her videos have over 100,000 views, and she deserves every view. She loves makeup and has tons of beauty videos along with vlogs and style videos as well. Her videos go beyond beauty and fashion too. She has interior design videos and food videos to satisfy all of her foodie followers.

Browse The Daisy London Collection

Estée’s jewelry collection with Daisy London (@daisy_jewellery) is inspired by the ‘70s and heavily influenced by Estée’s fun and cheery personality, as well as her free-spirited attitude. The collection features necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings and is all about encouraging women to live meaningful, upbeat lives. The collection has a wide variety of pieces including both delicate designs for subtle beauty and bold statement looks sure to catch attention. There is sure to be a piece for everyone in her collection.

Tune Into “On The Line”

Estée’s podcast, “On the Line” is all about women feeling free and able to express themselves and delving into their personal lives. Each week, the podcast covers very real and personal subjects as different women come in and talk about their lives and experiences. Estée invites different special guests ranging from fashion industry insiders to health experts giving a new view of the fashion world.

They talk about lifestyle, fashion, sexuality, and other topics that any woman can find relatable and compelling. Any woman who wants to learn from other women’s experiences should check it out.

Navigating Life and Style

Her book, “Bloom: Navigating Life and Style” is all about helping people learn to live their lives to the fullest and finding a sense of style that works for them. The title, “Bloom” relates to how she wants to help other people bloom into their full potential and figure out how to maximize their happiness.

This book is more about how to find ways to enjoy the life that you have and make the most of every opportunity. She also discusses very personal experiences and stories, so if you’re looking for inspiration to live a happier, fuller life, this book is a must-read!

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