Erica Weidelich

Erica Weidelich

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This fashionista recently caught our eye with her impeccable taste in fashion and the picturesque places she frequents. Erica Weidelich may not be on your radar yet, but a quick glance over her Instagram, (@ericaweidelich) , will change that for good. She is living her best life and took to social media so the rest of the world could see. This bubbly blonde lets followers be a part of her happiest moments and you can be too if you give her a follow.

Erica’s Family Values

Erica’s Instagram is filled with photos of her surrounded by the ones she loves. Whether she’s exploring Toronto with her son, Smith, or spending the day with her husband, the smile on her face says it all. Not only does she let followers into her life with so many personal photos, she often uses captions to share her thoughts on motherhood and marriage. We love how relatable her page is and our heart melts with every picture of her adorable little family.

Watch Erica Travel The World

There’s never a dull moment for Erica, who seems to find herself in a new location every few weeks. Her followers have come along for the ride as she explored Amsterdam, Brussels, and even a family trip to Disney. It’s hard not to be envious of how often Erica gets to experience these foreign locales. She takes time to appreciate all the places she goes and sharing pictures from each is a way for her following to feel like they are right there with her.

Take A Peek at Erica’s Brand Partnerships

Collaborating with brands she supports is another way Erica connects with people on Instagram. You can find trendy snacks, makeup, and more that you would never have heard of otherwise. Erica has taken to her story to give shout outs to Common Projects, So Delicious ice cream, and even the well-known Lululemon. We love that she combines promotions, family photos travel and her love of fashion all into one to create a unique Instagram aesthetic all her own.

Give Erica A Follow Today

Erica doesn’t try to present anything other than herself on her page. Her photos centered around beautiful places and the happy times she experiences with friends and family are exactly the content most people need to brighten up their feed. She focuses her Instagram on what it’s like to be a mom, wife, and friend and that’s what makes her so relatable. Following her is a no-brainer.

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