Emma Leger

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It’s totally an understatement to say that style influencer Emma Leger (@emmaleger) rocks the social media game right now. In reality, she’s killing it! With over 107k followers on Instagram and 20k subscribers to her YouTube channel, this Vancouver vixen, who also lives in LA, is without a doubt one of our new favourite fashionistas to follow. With an uncanny ability to make even the simplest of garments transform into chic ensembles, Emma has one of the best styles we’ve seen in a very long time.

Sporting every season’s latest fashion trends, Emma takes to Instagram to share all of her outstanding #OOTD posts with us. And the best part about it? She is an open book when it comes to fashion. We aren’t exaggerating here—she always lets her followers know where they can find her fabulous fits. Her transparency extends far past her Instagram profile; her YouTube channel, for instance, also showcases this west coast woman’s authenticity. With countless videos delving into her beauty regime (as well as hauls showcasing her latest fashion finds), Ms. Leger’s YouTube is definitely one we were lucky to have found.

We aren’t the only ones in love with this brunette beauty. Companies such as BCBG, PacSun, Glossier, and Vita Liberata have all collaborated with Emma to bring her fun-loving energy to their brand.

Blooming Emma Rose

It’s on her YouTube channel, Emma Rose, where followers can truly get to know this gorgeous guru. Emma takes all of her subscribers on a journey as she experiences life in her early ‘20s. From whisking you away on one of her exciting excursions to exploring deep within her closet, Emma has created a platform that many fans flock to when seeking style inspiration, travel tips, or just pure entertainment. Although she lives an exciting life filled with amazing adventures, she is also just like every other girl out there looking to make her mark on the world. Emma empowers young girls and women to live their best lives through her style choices and helpful tips. We find ourselves arriving at this 22-year-old trendsetter’s YouTube channel for inspiration on all fronts! So do yourself a favour and subscribe to her channel today!

Fresh & Fabulous Fashion

Emma’s style demands applause and pretty much deserves every style award imaginable. With her ability to make even the simplest of outfits look stunningly fresh, Emma holds a true talent for putting together flawless looks. It seems like this girl can rock any style- from baggy boyfriend jeans to petite patterned dresses.

Although we commend her fashion year-round, we especially adore her vacation outfits. Whether it’s sporting a sexy silk dress in gorgeous Greece or a fun festival fit in the deserts of Coachella, Emma is the ultimate traveling trendsetter.

So Many Projects, So Little Time 

Thousands of girls would kill to get their hands on the same ensembles that Emma effortlessly throws together. Ok-maybe not KILL, but her fans definitely crave her looks. Her undeniable popularity is what attracts brands wishing to create collaborations with this fashion diva. With partnerships including Lulus, PacSun and BCBG Generation, Emma continues to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. But her collaborations go far beyond fashion, she also partners with beauty brands such as Glossier and Vita Liberata to prove she is the chicest girl boss out there.

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