Emilie Levesque

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This marketing queen from Montreal is only 22-years-old and she has an adorable, adventurous lifestyle. She loves traveling, food and having fun with her besties. She has a killer Instagram and YouTube channel, so be sure to check out her content! Still not convinced? Let’s explore what makes Ms. Levesque so fantastic!

Her Instagram

Follow her Instagram (@emilielevesque3) to see her playful aesthetic including bikini pics at the beach, rocking out at concerts, kicking it by the pool and even posing in a tree. Her feed is filled with bright colors that reflect the vibrant lifestyle she leads. When it comes to fashion, she loves playing with patterns such as polka dots, stripes, and plaid. Whether she opts for a bold or subtle look, rest assured that her makeup is always on point.  

Her Worldly Travels

So many destinations, so little time. Emilie travels the world and has adventures in Florida, Puerto Plata, and even San Francisco. On her treks, she always has a blast by the beach or lounging by the pool during the day. Emilie also relaxes and enjoys some self-care in cute bikinis…sounds like a great day to us! At night, she lives it up with fancy-looking drinks in her hands. She knows how to experience every destination like it is her last!

Her YouTube Presence

On her YouTube channel, Emilie shares her vlogs, travel experiences, funny challenges and her “Em-toi” series, which is all about inspiring people to grow and follow their dreams. Some of her videos include fashion hauls of her latest fashion finds, vlogs from her girls’ trips and the “what’s in my mouth challenge.” She always has a bright, contagious smile on her face in all of her videos and includes so many different topics that make it obvious why viewers continue to seek out her content!

Her Love For Food

She is also a foodie and has her own website, which is all about her life in the kitchen. Watch her recipe videos to learn how to make yummy dishes such as caramelized onion pizza or even trout with salsa! Just looking at her food photography is enough to make anyone start craving delicious food; so luckily, she shows step-by-step directions for how to make these meals.

Check Out Emilie For Yourself!

She seems to love trying new things, often stepping out of her comfort zone and living life to its fullest. Whether you follow her Instagram account, watch her YouTube videos or check out some of her cooking, Emilie is definitely worthy of a friendly follow!

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