Elaine Lui

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Elaine Liu (@laineygossip), better known as Lainey, is a reporter on CVT’s eTalk and co-host of The Social. It’s also safe to say she’s a Canadian gossip queen. To confirm, she founded an eponymous buzz blog and her Instagram bio simply reads, “I gossip.” If you don’t know her, she probably knows you. With a following of 79.5k Instagram users, rumors spread rather quickly. But perhaps what spreads even quicker is her style influence.

Talks The Talk and Walks The Walk

Exposed to flashing lights and familiar with red carpet etiquette, Lainey knows what it takes to cause a scene (think wardrobe malfunction or worst-dressed contender) versus how to go unscathed. With that being said, in order to go unscathed, you have got to be dressed to impress. Whether she’s on her way to an awards show, after party, or movie screening, she is always dressed in the latest fashion trends. Of all people, she should know a “fashion do” from a “fashion taboo” … and she never disappoints. Our favourite source of gossip is more relatable than you may think. She loves mixing high with low -- or in other words – a designer with fast fashion. While she might be wearing thousand-dollar stilettos, she’s likely also wearing fast fashion staples.

Dresses Galore and Blazers to Adore

If you want to slay like Lainey, your wardrobe needs a lot more than that little black dress. If you’re interested in Lainey’s two cents (and who isn’t?), you’ll opt for knee-length dresses in eye-catching florals or voluminous mini-dresses with miniature polka dots. Not feeling dressy? We are absolutely obsessing over Lainey’s matching sets. In one look she illuminates the room in a stunning metallic blazer with matching dress pants, while in another she demands all the right attention in a vintage satin tracksuit.
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