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Donté Colley

Toronto-based Donté Colley (@donte.colley) is only 22-years-old, but he has already taken the social media world by storm. With 732k followers on Instagram and another 6,000 on Twitter, he brings laughter and inspiration through his motivational dance videos. We didn’t know we needed his short, playful segments in our life, but now we simply cannot imagine scrolling through our feed and not seeing him.  For anyone not already following him, we’re not sure what’s taking you so long.

Going Viral

With the number of dancing videos circulating around the Internet, it’s a wonder any of them are still going viral, but Donté managed to break through the crowd. With recognition from Buzzfeed and PopSugar, among other magazines, his popularity and his followers skyrocketed. He wasn’t even looking for fame in the first place.  He took to Instagram to incorporate his talent for choreography and obvious natural rhythm into his videos. Set to upbeat music, he uses each new upload to send a motivational message to his followers. Whether it’s letting you know you can make it through today, or making sure his followers remember their worth, he is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Personal Life

Contrary to the typical social media influencers we always see, Donté isn’t leading the glamorous lifestyle of an instant celeb. He is a digital communications student at the University of Guelph Humber and an inventory associate, making it easy for his followers to relate to his humble beginnings. Seeing him produce his self-made videos, edited with fun effects and crazy emojis, shows just how easy it is to make yourself known when you’re doing something you love. We love supporting this overnight star and finding a new reason to laugh with every new video he uploads.

Street Style Icon

As if his kind words of wisdom and awesome moves aren’t enough of a reason to give him a follow, his fashion sense is just as inspiring. He serves up new looks on a regular basis with new hairstyles to match. Sporting bucket hats, denim jackets, and whatever color hair he’s feeling this week, Donté embraces his unique taste in fashion, and we are totally here for it. It’s not every day that we see people willing to go against trends and put together their own innovative looks, but he pulls them off effortlessly. Following Donté is a welcome reminder not to take life too seriously!

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