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Dina Pugliese – The Fashion Trendsetter Behind Breakfast Television Toronto

You may have noticed this Ontario-born lady boss lighting up the set of Breakfast Television Toronto. Dina Pugliese (@dina.pugliese) is a Canadian media mogul that enjoys a sizable online audience. When you see the fantastic shots that she posts from the set of Breakfast Television Toronto, her effortless style, and her inspirational messaging across all her social platforms, you’ll understand why this diva has over 145k followers on Twitter and close to 100k followers on Instagram.

Whether she’s throwing it back to the ‘70s with some funky fresh bell bottom jeans or keeping it professional with a chic and powerful two-piece suit, Dina Pugliese is the perfect choice for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends taking over Canada.

Dina Pugliese Shout Outs – Supporting Local Toronto Businesses

Fashion and lifestyle influencers have done a lot to put Toronto on the map as a hub for dining out, music, comedy, and most importantly, fashion. One thing that sets Dina’s Instagram account apart from other fashion influencers is the extent to which she gives local Toronto businesses friendly shout-outs. From colourists and to hairdressers, to adorable local salons and boutiques, or Toronto shopping centres, every Torontonian business that plays a part in the cultivation of Dina’s look gets a personal shout-out on Instagram. Dina’s willingness to drive her audience to the Instagram accounts run by local businesses clearly demonstrates a commitment to fostering Toronto’s ever-growing fashion and style community. That level of generosity is something to which all kweenz should aspire to match. Among Dina’s frequent shout-outs are Medulla & Co. Hair Salon (@medullacoqueenwest), hairdresser Kelly Araujo (@hello.kells), and colourist Liz Foster (@lizfoster.haircolour). You should certainly follow Dina for outfit guides and style inspiration. More importantly, you should also follow her for the best ideas to help elevate your look while you explore Toronto.

Flowy Maxi Dresses, Powerful Suits, and Casual Friday Looks – Dina Pugliese Everyday Fashion

Dina Pugliese’s look changes considerably from day to day. Whether she’s rocking a floral tulip flap dress to celebrate spring’s arrival, leather pants with wild hair for a rocker chic vibe, or a camisole romper, Dina’s clothes and hair will always turn heads. Dina’s overall vibe is that of a woman who is ready for anything. This Torontonian trendsetter is a wife, mother, media mogul, and undeniable fashion influencer. She should be on your list of people to follow in 2019. Do yourself a favour, and send her a follow on both Instagram and Twitter (@DinaPugliese)!  

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