Cindy Cournoyer

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Cindy Cournoyer

Cindy Cournoyer (@cindycournoyer) is a fashion and travel blogger from Montreal and a YouTuber with a rapidly growing following. Not only that, but she is also the co-founder of E-INFLUENCE, an influencer marketing company. You can catch her out on adventures, traveling the world and killing it in fashionable outfits on her blog, YouTube page, and Instagram stories!

Flattering Fashion

Cindy maintains an edgy, glam style and posts lots of classic black and white outfits.  While this is her most popular look, she rocks looks in every colour of the rainbow and shows them off on her feed. She rocks everything from cozy, oversized tops to sexy bikinis to sleek jumpsuits. Whether she’s on the beach, running through the desert, or out in a forest, she slays every look in every destination.


In addition to being a fashion fanatic, Cindy is also a certified lady-boss. She co-founded E-INFLUENCE, a company that connects influencers with marketing professionals. In her company, she helps sites improve their SEO strategy and web reputation. Her beauty and brains come together to help her company thrive. 

Cindy’s Travels

Coachella, Hawaii, Morocco and Costa Rica are just a few of amazing places Cindy visits. She had VIP passes at Coachella, which is an absolute dream come true for every free-spirited individual or wild child.  She lived it up and put it on display for her followers. She loves traveling the world and loves letting us see it, and we are grateful.  Her feed makes us feel like we’re with her no matter where she is, from the beaches of Taiwan to the deserts in Peru.  There is no adventure too big or too bold for Cindy.

Cindy’s YouTube Channel

Cindy is not afraid to give subscribers a real look into her life on her YouTube Channel.  You can see her talk about everything from fashion, to travel, and she even a video letter to her biological mother. Her videos are informative and fun and it is impossible not to smile when watching her! Her positive attitude is a great inspiration and anyone looking to gain a stylish and strong role model should check it out today.

A Foodie At Heart

On top of fashion and style, Cindy is a huge foodie too! In all of her travels, Cindy enjoys trying new foods and all different cuisines. You can check out her amazing meals on her food highlight on her Instagram profile, or you can watch her cook up some delicious meals on her story.

A Heart of Gold

One thing that makes her stand out from every other gorgeous style bloggers out there is that she is grateful for the life she’s living, and she puts her gratitude on display. She appreciates the people in her life and lives every day like it is her last. Despite her killer style and amazing adventures, she is a regular person too. She even has a “typical me” highlight where she shows a real look into her daily life. Cindy is a one-of-a-kind-fashionista, and following her is an absolute must!

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