Chrissy Troy

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Chrissy Troy is certainly someone that you should be following on Instagram (@chrissytroy) because of her fun-loving spirit, colourful feed, and girly style. This Winnipeg beauty has almost 23k Instagram followers and is certainly living out her dreams as the host of The Ace Burpee Show and 103.1 Virgin Radio. On top of her busy career as a radio host and personality, Chrissy also runs a successful blog called Sadia Christina with her best friend Amber. Their amazing blog covers everything from advice to lifestyle content, and Chrissy injects her fun personality into all of the posts, making them light and fun to read.

Check Out This Country Girl

Chrissy was born and raised on a farm in the rural countryside of Canada. As a result of the experiences she had from growing up on a farm, Chrissy has a fun-loving personality and loves the outdoors, animals, hard work, and cooking. She injects these passions and interests into her blog and radio shows. We love when she shares stories and parts of her experiences growing up because it’s clear she had an amazing childhood and we love learning from and relating to her upbringing. Chrissy’s fun personality and wisdom beyond her years is what landed her a job as a radio host. She loves to pass her life lessons and goals onto others to help her listeners and followers live fulfilling lives.

Chrissy, The Thrill Seeker

You should be following Chrissy on Instagram if you have a knack for fun and adventure because she certainly does. Chrissy frequently posts pictures of herself at various fun events and doing exciting activities. Most recently on her feed, you can catch Chrissy at the carnival in front of a neon Ferris wheel, or running drills with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers during their training season. As a result of her job, Chrissy also travels extensively and always posts fun and exciting content from trips she’s gone on. We are living for the pictures she posted last year when she was in NYC during Christmas time. No matter what she’s up to, she clearly loves adding a bit of fun to her life.

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