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Catherine Peachh (@catherinepeachh) is a beautiful and stylish star of Colocs on Noovo alongside her friend and roomie, Alanis Desilets. Catherine’s Instagram account has 265 followers and she is all about living a happy, positive life. She is also a YouTuber and a fashionista. Check out this stunning optimist now for some great fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.


Catherine stars in Colocs on Noovo and actively promotes the show on Insta. According to the Season one description, the Colocs is about Catherine and her friend Alanis and their journey together as they go from friends to roommates. The show gives viewers an inside look into how the two friends live together despite their different personalities.

The episodes have various fun and engaging premises, such as when Alanis hosts a speed dating party to help find a potential future love interest for Catherine. Another episode focuses on when the two girls get ready to host a housewarming party together. If you want some inspiration on what it’s like to move in with a friend, you’re very different from your own roommate and you want some advice, or you just want to see what it’s like to live in a cute apartment, watch Colocs.

You’ll Fall In Love With Catherine’s YouTube Channel

Catherine and Alanis have their own YouTube channel together with over 67 thousand followers. They have plenty of cute videos together with different topics including responses to viewers’ questions to “this or that” challenges. Their fun, carefree, and charming personalities always shine in their YouTube videos and their smiles are contagious. Give them a watch today!

Fashion + Beauty

Judging by her Insta page, Catherine seems to love edgy looks. She rocks thick belts, fun crop tops, sunglasses, and backward baseball caps. She kills it in monochrome whether she’s rocking black on black or any colour of the rainbow from lively red to light blue. From bikinis to one-pieces, she has a killer bathing suit bod in every swimsuit she wears. Her hair flows effortlessly and her face always looks fresh and sunny. Follow her Insta to get some great style inspiration.

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Catherine Peachh is a happy go lucky gal with a passion for positivity and an amazing sense of style. From her looks to her personality, everything about Catherine seems to glow and her sparkle is undeniable. Check out her show, YouTube channel, and Instagram for some fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration sure to make you smile.

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