Catherine Garneauu

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If you like a feminine and glamourous style, you need to follow Catherine (@cathgarneauu) ASAP. She’s a fashion and beauty queen with amazing hair and makeup. She loves dogs, coffee, positivity, and her family. She has a big heart and believes in living a loving and happy life. Check out her account today and her content will be sure to make you smile.

Catherine’s Fashion

Catherine rocks the girly style like a pro. Many of the outfits on her feed feature feminine details like floral print, the colour pink, soft-looking fabrics, and lace. She seems to stay consistent with this style and rocks this sweet, delicate image in her posts. Catherine never looks like she’s trying to be something she’s not and she slays her signature girly style like a queen.

Bodacious Beauty

Catherine is a drop-dead gorgeous woman with perfect hair and makeup that even a real-life-Barbie doll would envy. She has wavy blonde hair that seems to range from platinum blonde to golden to grayish blond. She leaves it down in most of her posts but doesn’t seem afraid to straighten it or tie it up from time to time. Also, her makeup is always on point. She rocks that timeless glam with extremely long, luxurious lashes, sparkly or shiny eyeshadow, glowing skin, and a shiny pink lip. Although she brings the glam, she’s still breathtaking in her more subtle looks as well.

A Peek Into Catherine’s Lifestyle

Family is very important to Catherine. She loves her man with all her heart and they are an adorable couple. The couple couldn’t look any happier together and they love adventures, whether it’s the beach or a pumpkin patch. Catherine is a very smiley person and always looks happy in all her posts. She loves dogs and even dressed her dog up in an adorable coat. Catherine also seems to love being outdoors and venturing off to new places and she loves drinking coffee for her adventurous lifestyle.

Catherine Will Make You Smile

Catherine is a fashionable and positive influencer sure to brighten up your feed. Her outfits and makeup look are so girly and beautiful that she would stand out anywhere. Follow this queen today for some great fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.

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