Catherine Duplessis

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Catherine Duplessis is a bubbly red head influencer that is a triple threat. She is a 29 year old from Montreal Canada and not only is an influencer on Instagram (@catdpssis), she is active on YouTube, she is a vlogger and is a freelance content creator. She has an amazing sense of style and by scrolling down her page you can tell that she takes time in every picture that she uploads.

Instagram Content

Catherine’s Instagram posts are of herself in various different locations showing off various different fashions. She has 18.7K followers and follows about 923. Whether it is in a car, outside, or in her own home she makes all of pictures look amazing. Catherine will sometimes post videos on her Instagram page such as showing off nail polish for Sally Henson. She currently has 865 posts on her Instagram page. Catherine tends to upload at least one picture every day to her page. Catherine tends to get anywhere from 10 to 200 comments on her pictures. Her pictures also get around 500-1000 likes per post.


Catherine collaborates with a bunch of different brands and companies and displays them all over her Instagram page. Some of the companies and brands that she works with are Netlift which is a transportation app for those in Montreal that simplifies daily commute for travelers whether it’s going to work or going to the airport. Another brand that Catherine has collaborated with is Urban Planet. Urban Planet is a Canadian clothing store that is not only affordable that has all the latest styles for women, men, girls and boys.

Fashion Styles

Catherine is the influencer that follows all of the latest trends. Her recent posts reflect the new trendy fall styles that were being rocked down the runway during fashion week. Catherine wears all different types of styles from comfortable cute sweaters to cute stylish dresses. She pairs her fall sweaters with either a stylish pair of dark wash skinny jeans or she pairs them with a skirt and some tights. Whatever Catherine is wearing she makes it look so effortless and stylish that just grabs people’s attention. Catherine tends to wear a lot of Zara, H&M, Aldo, etc.

YouTube Channel

Catherine has a YouTube Channel, which is very successful. She has 27,285 followers in counting. Her video content on YouTube is broken down into a few different categories. She has a category of videos called “Adulting” where she posts videos about how to budget money, how to stay organized, how to manage your time better, etc. Another category that she has on her YouTube channel is a fashion section. In this category of videos she uploads videos of her trying on different clothing brands such as Zara, Top Shop, and H&M. These videos are a hit because it allows her viewers to see just how the articles of clothing fit and what they look like which is a plus. Catherine is also big on vlogging. She uploads videos herself talking about her opinions and views of things, what she does on the daily, etc.

She gets anywhere from 2K to 21K views on her videos. Catherine always engages back with her followers in the comment section of her videos, and she encourages people to comment on her videos to start up a conversation or if they have any questions about anything in her videos.

Follow Catherine

With an amazing fashion sense, personality and informative videos on YouTube Catherine is the influencer you want to be following this year. Her social media pages are growing on the daily with the content she uploads. Head over to her page and follow her to start viewing her amazing posts.

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