Cassandra Bouchard

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Cassandra Bouchard (@cassandra.bouchard) is a fashionista with a bold style and a wild, exciting life to match. This fun, carefree beauty loves to live it up and she always looks good while doing so. Her Instagram page has over 61 thousand followers and her YouTube channel has over 56 thousand subscribers. She has a great relationship, awesome friends, and super stylish outfits. What more could we ask for in an influencer? Check out her content for some #OOTD and lifestyle inspiration.

Cassandra’s Fashion & Beauty Inspiration

Cassandra’s a fashionista who loves taking style risks and looking bold and beautiful. She’s not afraid to rock unique, quirky looks such as oversized hats, animal print shorts, and printed wrap tops. Her style is also super sexy and she’s not afraid to show some skin. Luckily, it’s 2019 and we are happy that women feel confident enough in their skin to wear promiscuous outfits. Some of her hottest looks include tiny bikinis, many crop tops, an open-shirt look, and strapless tops.

When it comes to beauty, Cassandra is stunning both with and without makeup. Her hair is usually down and she looks great with coloured lips, shiny eyes, and polished skin, but she makes it clear that she is also a huge advocate for feeling good without the perfect hair and makeup. In one of her posts, she acknowledged society’s expectations for women to wear these “masks” and she pointed out that she still feels beautiful without those masks. She also has cool tattoos!

Living the Good Life

Judging by her Instagram page, Cassandra loves to live it up. Cassandra loves having adventures at festivals, beaches, and cities. While she may seem like a wild child, Cassandra is very caring and values the people she loves. She posts countless pictures of her and her friends having fun in the sun whether they’re at a pool, out in nature, or a restaurant. They are always smiling, laughing, and living their best lives in every way possible. She and her man are so cute together and can’t seem to stop smiling when they’re together!

Show This Carefree Beauty Some Love Today

Cassandra knows how to have fun and look great, and her content makes for both great lifestyle and #OOTD inspiration. Her YouTube channel has plenty of fun and wacky videos including thrift shopping adventures, a letter to her father, a Madlib challenge. Give her a follow and a watch today!

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