Camille Micho

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Camille Micho (@camillemicho) is the ray of sunshine you need on your Insta feed. With her daily inspiring captions, relaxed and flowy style, and an affinity for traveling to the most beautiful locations, Camille will inspire you to lead a more positive and fashionable life. Her 19.8k followers love her for her awesome travel #OOTD posts in countries like Portugal and Spain, as well as how candid she is about her struggles with finding happiness in today’s social media-obsessed world. We guarantee that you’ll love her and her positive vibes!

Spreading Positivity: One Post At A Time

Even though her jet-setting lifestyle gives us major envy, Camille Micho is probably one of the most relatable influencers you’ll ever follow. She isn’t afraid to showcase her food obsession or chat with her followers about their favorite books. What’s even better is that her captions aren’t the typical influencer one-liners – instead, she writes about finding positivity in her everyday life, and how important it is to remember that happiness is a journey, not a destination. She regularly responds to her followers and gives down-to-earth life advice and stories about her own search for happiness. When you follow Camille, you’ll always be in a happy mood.

Learn From This Laidback Fashion Guru

Just like every other girl, Camille loves fashion. However, what sets her apart from all the other influencers is that she loves a relaxed, laid-back style. She proclaims her hatred for heels (girl, we feel you) and instead opts for comfy white Adidas paired with a basic white tee and baggy jeans. Her fashion rule for pants is “the bigger the better” – you’ll never see her sacrifice comfort for style, and we love her for that! This doesn’t stop her from looking cute in flowy summer dresses as she picnics with her boyfriend on the Spanish Riviera or when walking around Quebec. No matter what she wears, she always looks effortless – and comfortable!

Camille’s Collaborations

Even though Camille is super relatable, we can’t help but be jealous of her awesome collaborations! As a relatable influencer, Camille always tries to make her followers’ lives easier with her lifestyle-centered projects. With brands like Avène (@eauthermaleaveneca), Structube (@structube), and Essentiels Co (, Camille gives us the lowdown on the best skincare and home décor brands out there! She regularly uses all of the brands she endorses – you’ll always spot a chic Opposite Wall (@oppositewall) painting in her home, or see her enjoying some sushi rolls she ordered using Skip The Dishes (@skipthedishes). Follow Camille, and you’ll definitely get the opportunity to live a sunshine-filled life just like hers!

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