Camille Dg

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Boss lady, Camille Dg (@camille_dg) takes matters (and style) into her own hands. As the CEO of marketing agency, Crèation Codmorse, and upscale blog, Le Cahier, there’s nothing she can’t do. By refusing to subside to fashion norms, Camille carries herself with confidence and grace. Her blog (@bloglecahier), sums it up perfectly, “She wears what likes because her clothes define her, not what people think of them.” Besides having a name for herself in fashion, she is also a successful entrepreneur, competitive swimmer, and avid outdoorswoman (talk about the total package). Whether she’s out with the girls at the winery or hiking Mount Ham, she’s always dressed to impress.

Earth Tones

Camille’s affection towards earth tones is no secret. Her Instagram feed is saturated with irresistible ivory knits, rusty palazzo pants, gray tweed blazers and more. A vintage fur coat with beautiful beige ombrè steals the show.  From uptown mod to laidback chic, it’s safe to say that earth tones are Camille’s consistent sixth sense.

Camille Goes Casual

When she’s not decked out in posh business casual and running booming businesses, Camille turns to laidback chic attire. A burgundy crewneck sweater with “PINOT PLEASE” verbiage says it all. By choosing a warm fall palette and crewneck cut, she embraces all of what autumn fashion has to offer. Can you believe it? Something as simple and low-maintenance as a crewneck is the ultimate fall staple for a casual, but fashion-forward look!

Dolled Up And Determined

When you feel confident, you look fearless. This is Camille’s biggest fashion asset. Whether she’s vacationing in Paris or visiting her hometown of Montreal, Camille always looks posh and poised. It’s important and fulfilling to feel comfortable, yet powerful in your clothes. Camille expresses confidence through fashion via sophisticated power suits, bold matching sets, and leather jackets draped over her shoulders. Who said hustle isn’t pretty?
Whether she knows it or not, Camille is an exceptional role model to women, entrepreneurs, and aspiring fashionistas. Embodying the perfect balance of beauty, grace, and fashion, her aura radiates. Take a visit to Camille Dg’s Instagram or blog for stunning fashion content and major motivation.

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