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Camille DS (@cam_ds) is a Montreal fashionista and a content creator with a passion for traveling. She has plenty of beautiful pics of herself and the world around her. Cam treats life like one big adventure, and everyone can learn from her fun, carefree, and free-spirited outlook toward life. Check out her content for some travel and lifestyle inspiration if you want to stress less and have more fun exploring the beauty of nature and life itself.

Fantastic Fashion

Just like her personality, Cam has a bright and bold sense of style. Lots of her outfits feature lively patterns and colours. Some of her beautiful outfits include a bright red dress with a yellow pattern and a straw hat, a bright yellow sundress with a crossbody bag and sunglasses, and a black dress with white polka dots and a deep v neckline. One consistent detail in her eclectic style is that she always seems to wear a pair of chunky, oversized white athletic sneakers, even with her most feminine dresses.

This footwear choice stands out with all her outfits because it portrays that she cares about being true to herself. Even if she’s wearing something light and delicate, she has a wild heart and a passion for adventure, and wearing these shoes shows that she is not afraid to go off on an adventure at any time and get her hands dirty. Follow her IG today to see some of her free-spirited looks.

Our Next Project

Cam works alongside Guillaume St-Amand for their company, Our Next Project (@ournextproject), a business that creates content for various brands all over the world. For example, they take pictures and promote food and drink companies like So Delicious Dairy Free Canada and Cidre Lacroix all over the world. They built this business based on their passions: his love for art and her love for adventure. The two are an unstoppable team and live every day like a dream doing what they love.

Thrilling Travel Adventures

While she’s from Canada, Cam travels all over the world and photographs every view she finds. Some of her many travels include Chile, California, Hawaii, Iceland, Greece, and Punta Cana. Whether it’s a breathtaking shot of the mountains, a dramatic waterfall view, an extreme close-up of all the green she can spot in the forest, or a cinematic beach landscape, she’s got perfect pics of it all.

Find Your Wild Side From Cam DS

If you’re looking to find your more spontaneous, earthy side, Cam is the one to follow. Her beautiful pictures and wild adventures will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and explore. Give her a follow today!

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