Brad Goreski

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Brad Goreski

The Canadian TV personality and celebrity stylist, Brad Goreski (@bradgoreski), amassed 515k followers on Instagram and we’re not one bit surprised. His amazing style, pictures with countless celebs and contagious smile keep us, and thousands of followers, coming back for more. He constantly gives us new stories, faces and style tips every day, and each update makes us even happier.

Street Style We Love

Brad is probably most well known for his outrageous style choices. Whether he’s attending award shows or traveling around to New York and LA, Brad always looks like he just stepped off a runway. One day he struts around in a classic white tux and the next day he sports a funky zebra print suit. He always keeps us guessing what tomorrows fit will be. His confidence is infectious and seeing him rock even the most outlandish new trends makes us want to step out of our comfort zones.  He’s a style icon and we’re here for it.

A-List Events

As a professional stylist, attending fabulous parties and visiting exotic locales simply comes with the territory. From selfies in Qatar with Victoria Beckham to casually copping an invite to the Oscars, Brad is no stranger to the extravagant lifestyle. He makes his followers feel like they are part of the action with his updates on where he is and which designer he’s wearing.  We love seeing Brad staying humble while enjoying the luxurious lifestyle his career has given him!

Fashion Police

Since 2015, Brad has been one of the co-hosts on E’s Fashion Police. The show that scrutinizes celebrities’ latest fashion faux pas and celebrates outfits that work. It is the perfect place for Brad.  He uses his Instagram to give fans a glimpse into upcoming episodes and embraces his TV platform. He has found yet another opportunity to teach celebrities a thing or two about how to rock a red carpet.

Married Life

Brad doesn’t only inspire us with his street style looks; he also gives his followers insight into his personal life, sharing pictures with his husband Gary Janetti (@garyjanetti). The writer/producer constantly appears on his feed, and it’s clear these two are perfect for each other. If there were ever a couple to ship, these two career-driven, uber-successful men are it. We love seeing this well-dressed, LGBTQ icons live their best life and do it in style.

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