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December 20, 2018
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Being a teenager in today’s world isn’t always a walk in the park. Youngsters constantly feel pressure to look and act a certain way. As a young adult, you a positive influencer to look up to, but finding one is easier said than done. Nowadays, there are so many influencers on Instagram, making it difficult to narrow down your search. Luckily, we can simplify the process. If you are into fashion, makeup, and overall women empowerment and confidence, then these are some of the influencers that you need to follow.

Elodie Routhier

Elodie Routhier (@elorouthe) is one of those influencers that you must follow. If you need fashion tips Elodie is your girl. Her page is full of cute different styles from casual every day to classy and night out looks. She is all about being goofy and funny and overall just being confident in her own skin.

Elody Petit

Elody Petit’s (@_elodypetit) smile can make anyone smile instantly! Her Instagram feed is all about self-confidence with yourself and living life freely. Her style is girly but totally trendy. She loves posting pictures in bikinis and posting inspirational quotes to go along with them. Elody loves working out and will post her workout routine for all of her followers to see. She truly is one to keep an eye out on!

Ika Wong

Ika Wong’s (theikawong) Instagram page is all about confidence and embracing everything that makes you special. Ika displays what it’s like being a strong confident woman in the entertainment business. She not only has a huge platform on Instagram but she also makes YouTube videos for her followers. Her YouTube videos are all about dating advice, self-confidence, and how she and her boyfriend have made their relationship work throughout the years.

Laurie Doucet

If you are looking for a girly trendy influencer, Laurie Doucet (@lauriedou7) is the It girl to follow this year. Her style is trendy, classy, and elegant. Laurie is big on working out she really enjoys yoga. She wants women to empower their strength and to fight for what they want. When she isn’t in her workout clothes you can find her in elegant dresses and beautiful trench coats. She is the perfect influencer for girls.

Noemy Petit

Introducing Noemy Petit: the girl with the biggest genuine smile. Noemy Petit (@noemypetit) always has a bright smile on her face throughout all of her pictures. Noemy is all about that girl power. Her Instagram is chock full of positive vibes and she is always encouraging young women to love yourself and to always focus on your wellbeing. Her bikini choices are amazing and her everyday style is even better.


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