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February 7, 2019
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Forget about the “terrible 2s,” and start worrying about your “terrible 20s.” Between paying bills, getting a job and finding a mater, growing up can be a total drag. But growing up under the pressures from our youth-oriented social media? Forget about it! Sure you may only be in your mid-20s, but you probably feel like a grandma when looking at these teenaged influencers turning looks on Instagram.

While you probably still look just as young and vibrant as ever, a small voice inside your head may make you believe otherwise. Your 20s may be packed with uncertainty, but it’s also the perfect chance to really find yourself. Besides, you have the rest of your life to worry about your age. To put any doubt you may have at ease, we’ve rounded up some of our top influencers under 30 that show they’re just as fabulous as ever.

Erika Wark

Earning a large following on any social hub is an impressive feat in itself. With 34.2K followers and counting, Erika Wark is taking the fashion world by storm and then some. Erika (@ericaonfashion) displays such a bubbly and charismatic personality throughout her page and inspires others with superb fashion tips and tricks. Her latest Instagram posts show her recent trip skiing and her amazing outfits she picked out for the trip. Whether Erika shreds some fresh snow on a mountain or soaks up the sun, she’s definitely a young fashion influencer that you’ll want to keep on your radar.

Jordanne Bergy

If you are looking for a glam queen under 30 to follow this year, then look no further than Jordanne Bergy. Jordanne (@jordy_bergy) is a picturesque example of the girl next door. She has an incredible sense of style and is up to date on all of the latest fashion trends. Jordanne is a yoga enthusiast and is serious about staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.

Ika Wong

If there is anyone that deserves a follow on Instagram, it’s our girl, Ika Wong. Ika (@theikawong) is not only a celebrity in her own way; she is a major style icon. You can find her in the latest bodycon dresses and the perfect heels to go with it. Ika knows how to rock pretty much anything that she wears.

Noèmy Petit

With a smile that can light up any room and style that has you turning your head, Noèmy Petit is taking the fashion world by storm (literally). Noèmy (@noemypetit) is all about that casual flirty look. Whether she is going out for a night with her boyfriend or spending time with her girlfriends, Noèmy knows how to rock an outfit. You may find her in a cute yet stylish crop top and some tight skinny jeans or perhaps in an off the shoulder top with some ripped jeans. Don’t wait a second longer! Add Noèmy to your follow list for the trendiest fashion inspirations!


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