5 Canadian Fashion Icons To Follow This Fall

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When it comes to fashion, we’re always in search of inspiration. While there’s plenty of inspiration on the street or in magazines, Canadian fashion lovers increasingly turn to Instagram for ideas to reinvent our style. There’s no shortage of accounts dedicated to street style, beauty, or the latest trends in fashion, so figuring out which ones are worth following isn’t so easy. The 5 ladies below are just a few Canadian fashion influencers that you’ll want on your feed.

Gloria Bella (@gloria_bellaaa)

gloria bella

There’s plenty to love about this popular fashionista. She takes advantage of her gorgeous blonde locks and piercing blue eyes, using them as her best accessories. Not only will she wow you with her casual-chic fashion choices, but she’s all about promoting body positivity and acceptance. She’ll impress you with her effortless style and down-to-earth personality.

Noemie Bannes (@noemiebannes)

noemie bannes

Noemie loves showing off her outfits of the day. With a combination of mirror selfies and photos that look like they’re straight out of a fashion magazine, she serves up look after look. A quick scroll through her profile, and you’ll want to see so much more. Her looks, ranging from preppy, to edgy to chic, all suit her and leave us wishing we could raid her closet.

Camille Micho (@camillemicho)

camille micho

Camille’s romantic, minimalistic aesthetic is the perfect complement to her minimalist wardrobe. Neutrals and earth tones comprise the majority of her looks showing us that simple doesn’t mean boring. Her classic style is a balance between trendy and timeless and serves as a reminder that you can mix different styles to create your personal look.

Chanel Taillefer (@chanythai)

chanel taillefer

Chanel strays away from bold prints and patterns in favor of simple outfits that stand the test of time. She can rock a T-shirt and jeans or a bulky winter coat and still look fashionable. Her lo d for fashion, as well her passion for the outdoors and adventure, make her uniquely relatable. Chanel will inspire you to turn even your lazy day attire into a runway-ready outfit.

Justine Brouillette (@justinebrouill)

justine brouillette

As a stylist with a blog dedicated to her love of fashion, it’s no surprise Justine posts picture after picture showcasing amazing outfits. Her beachy ensembles, ability to rock pantsuits and love of trench coats give us inspiration for every season and any occasion. She knows how to easily transition her style from cold to warm weather, from professional to casual. When you follow Justine, you’ll constantly find looks you’ll be itching to recreate.

Follow These Influencers & Find Your Fashion Inspiration

These Canadian fashion influencers have a firm grasp of their personal style and show their followers the trends they can embrace too. As the seasons change, and you feel the urge to switch up your wardrobe, there’s no one better to look to than these fashion-forward ladies. Follow them for inspiration on how to take more fashion risks. You won’t regret it.


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