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With a smile that brightens the darkest of rooms, Audrey Cloutier (@audreycloutiier) is all about casual chic. Remaining comfortable is a must for Audrey, but don’t be fooled; she’s always turning heads. This fabulous fashionista loves clothes that can be worn on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s for running errands, rushing to class, or going on a lunch date with friends. With a passion for photography, her Instagram feed is much more than just selfies. This 21-year old influencer resides in Montreal, Canada and is currently a student at university. To top it off, she is also an entrepreneur ready to take on the fashion world. Read below to learn more about Aubrey and her unique Instagram journey.

Influencer Profile

Audrey’s light-hearted Instagram feed is full of cheerful smiles and her upbeat ambiance is contagious. With 13.1 K followers, she’s causing quite the buzz. In an effort to keep followers engaged, Audrey posts note worthy content at least once a day. Whether she’s with her friends, boyfriend, or just herself, she is sure to capture all of the candid moments that follow. Besides sharing her fashion style and interests, Audrey also goes out of her way to post lifestyle photos. Think of a warm cappuccino at her local coffee shop or an alluring shot of her daily planner. These pictures are what make her feed so captivating and we love seeing her creative side.  If you scroll a little further down, you will find that Audrey loves the fall weather. From the changing leaves and petite pumpkins to showing off her fall booties, she is taking serious advantage of the fall season.

Fashion Interests

Is comfy, cozy, and casual your forte? Audrey is the perfect it-girl to follow for these kinds of fashion styles. You’re sure to see her rocking the cutest warm sweaters and go-to standard tees. She pairs these tops with on-trend high-rise shorts or skintight denim jeans. If she’s looking to spice things up, she opts for effortless dresses paired with ballerina flats. It’s also not uncommon to see this fashion icon stunning in flattering jumpsuits.

Instagram Stories

Are you in need of some fitness motivation? Check out Audrey’s fitness highlights; Audrey loves an active life style. Looking gorgeous in chic athleisure, she’ll make you want to hit the gym. In this highlight you’ll find various hand picked exercises that she recommends her followers to try.

Photography Lifestyle

Not only is Audrey a fashion influencer, but she’s also a great photographer. If you take a look at her feed, you’ll find that she enjoys capturing professional shots of her friends and surroundings. With high quality and intriguing images, it is no surprise that photography is one of Audrey’s many strong suits.

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If you are looking for an influencer that you can really relate to, look no further than Aubrey Cloutier. With an amazing sense of style and out-of-this-world Instagram feed, she is sure to grab your attention with each and every post. Keep up to date with all of her style creations and photography endeavors. Follow Aubrey today!

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