Audrey-Ann Pelletier

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Audrey-Ann Pelletier, the 22-year-old beauty, is taking the Instagram world by storm. With stunning blonde hair and a natural eye for fashion, she dazzles us in every photo she takes. We’re sure the 10.3k followers Audrey-Ann (@audreyann.p) has gained agree with us when we say she is the queen of trying out new trends and effortlessly pulling them off. We love being able to take style inspo from her, so we know which fashion fads are worth the buy and which ones just aren’t worth the money. Looking through Audrey-Ann’s beautiful photos is a perfect escape from the real world where we can get inspiration for all our daydreams of vacations, outfits, and amazing food.

Discovering New Sights

Audrey-Ann may be a Canada native, but she spends little of her time enduring harsh winters and walking the snow-filled streets of the country’s bustling cities. Instead, she chooses to travel the world taking in sunny views and enjoying warm days poolside. On her list of past locales including LA, Cancun, and Miami, she has taken in the sights and taken advantage of the perfect photo backgrounds. We don’t blame her for trading in winter weather for these tropical destinations and hope to see more of the same from whatever exotic place she chooses to head to next.

A Total Foodie At Heart

Who isn’t guilty of posting a picture of a gorgeous brunch or perfectly brewed café latte every once in a while? Audrey-Ann has a habit of making our stomachs growl with her awesome foodie photos. From sipping on a giant cocktail in Quebec to an indulgent breakfast of over-the-top donuts, she has us jealous of all the delicious foods she tries. Though we are not entirely sure how she manages to look as amazing as she does while nibbling on so many desserts and crazy drinks, what we can say with certainty is we will find an excuse to try out some of these treats ourselves.

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Though she stays away from over-the-top outfits, Audrey-Ann isn’t afraid to change up her look and take risks with the moment’s current styles. From paperbag shorts to high-knee boots to FILA sneakers, there’s no trend she hasn’t tried out. In all types of weather and wearing even the funkiest piece, she exudes such confidence that we can’t help but fall in love with the entire look. Seeing someone willing to experiment with so many new pieces to figure out what fits her personal taste is something we can totally get behind.

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