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Arda Zakarian

Arda Zakarian (@ardazak) a famous reporter for the CP24 in Toronto has a very natural beauty and structured style that makes her a must follow. Her Instagram feed makes it clear that she really cares about her friends, family, and job. She is happily engaged and loves her life.  She lets her followers know how much she adores her precious niece, Marta. This beauty has brains too.  She has a background in reporting, she worked for CBC Windsor before joining the cast of CP24 and she has a post-grad degree in journalism. 


Arda is a general reporter for CP24 and she is very passionate about her job. She reports on everything from sports to crime, she can do it all.   She constantly goes out and talks with people while reporting where her beautiful personality shines through.  Arda is one of the most crucial members of her team, featuring fellow co-stars such as Bill Coulter, Gurdeep Ahluwalia, Jill Colton, and Jamie Gutfreund.


Along with her regular job, Arda is always volunteering and giving back to her community. She has hosted and participated in many charitable events such as Sip, Shop & Celebrate Women and Taste of the Danforth. She also contributes to Scouts Canada, an organization meant to help young Canadians grow and succeed in their communities.  Arda lives a great life, and she loves using her platform to give back to her community, making her a true Canadian queen. 

Family Life

Family is everything to Arda and she lets her followers know it.  She is very close with her mom, who she always seems to be posting with on Instagram. They have such a beautiful mother-daughter relationship! She also adores her niece, Marta, and loving fiancé Masis.  She also loves her brother, who serves in the Royal Canadian Navy.

An Unrivaled Sense Of Fashion

Arda’s style is classy and elegant.  She rocks everything from solid colours to animal print. Along with being a reporter for CP24, she has worked on Fashion Television too.  All her outfits fit her perfectly and complement her natural beauty and elegant grace.  She is a style icon. 

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Arda Zakarian is not just any typical reporter! She is a caring person who loves her work, her family, and helping others. By following her, you’ll get a full view of her strongest values and passions. She is a beautiful person on the inside and out and has a great fashion sense to top it all off. If you’re not following her yet, why not?

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