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Style influencer Annie-Pier (@anniepierla) is capturing the hearts of thousands everywhere- including ours! With over 12.6k followers on Instagram, this Quebec queen takes to the platform to share with us all the details of her exciting life from babies to fashion. Although we love Annie for her incredibly sophisticated style, we adore this influencer for her ability to master motherhood.

The mother to an adorable little boy, and one more on the way, Annie shares it all with her followers. From the baby products she uses to her effortless pregnancy style, this mama loves sharing it all with her followers- and we couldn’t be more appreciative!

Mastering Motherhood

Although her style is a serious success, Annie finds becoming a mother to be her greatest achievement. Seeing her precious son on her Instagram page never fails to make our hearts melt! Just like his mama, this little boy knows fashion! From adorable denim overalls to some stylish sunglasses, Annie’s son is surely the best-dressed kid on the block. Aside from making sure her toddler is dressed in the cutest fits, Annie also is committed to keeping her child safe from everything- and that includes harmful chemicals and toxins. By using all-natural baby products such as oil and lotion, Annie is making sure her child has the absolute best.

This wonderful woman has seemed to master motherhood and did so with grace. This is why we were so excited to hear the news of her second pregnancy. Congratulations Annie! You are going to rock being a mom of two!

Rocking The Baby Bump

Many expecting mothers out there struggle with finding clothes that fashionably fit that growing bump of theirs. This is why thousands of ladies everywhere flood to Annie’s page to see how she’s styling her beautiful belly. What’s her secret to pregnancy fashion? Dresses! Whether it’s a simple sundress or a tight-stripped number, Annie is almost always sporting a darling little dress while pregnant. With just one piece to throw on as well as being super comfortable, dresses are proving why they are the go-to for many mamas to be.

Dresses are also perfect for highlighting that bump of yours, no matter the style. If you want to kick up the style a little more, take a note from Annie’s book and style a simple tight skirt with a T-shirt. Tied in a knot, the T-shirt makes sure you stay comfortable while still sporting a super chic combo. Thanks, Annie for all the pregnancy style tips we are sure to remember!

Check Out Anna’s Upcoming Partnerships

Annie is the queen of collaborations with numerous brands dying to work the lovely lady. From partnerships with Mr. Clean (@mrclean) to Provigo (@provigoqc) and Johnson’s Baby Canada (@johnsonsbabyca), Annie loves collaborating with companies that help her complete all her mommy duties. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for this marvelous mama!

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